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Lowes - Brita Slim Pitcher Water Filtration System (5 Cups) - $15.99

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  • Aug 1st, 2020 11:21 am
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Jan 24, 2007
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North York
stovetop wrote: I have the slim pitcher and yes I have to refill it a lot.
Also, I've noticed that if I fill it completely, the filter sometimes comes out and floats around in the water. Not sure if anyones had that issue.
Yes, that happens because you overfill it. The water will lift the filter if there is excess water. Happened tome also b4 I realized the problem.
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Nov 5, 2018
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ttiger wrote: May be suited towards a single person who drinks very little water. It may say 5 cups, but I don't think many people drink small glasses of water. And then you'll have to refill the unit with more lukewarm water from the tap. Part of the appeal is very cold water (in addition to the filtering)

I had one of these before I switched to the larger rectangular unit (Brita Ultramax 18cup) for a family of 4. And we end up filling it twice per day (which is a pain to fill and clean). I prefer the distilled water jugs from Walmart stored in the fridge, but those while it tastes better in my opinion, are worse off for you (since they absorb the nutrients out of your body).

Good deal if you want easy filtered water.
I'm with you on that... Difficult to find a good solution for this. we have a vitapur counter cooler and the filter system, but it's required us to buy a cart to put it on.

Not a great solution but offers what we need it to do.

The cart also gives us some storage space for other things.


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