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Loyalty point value list?

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  • Feb 2nd, 2018 11:57 pm
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Jan 9, 2011
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Loyalty point value list?

Is there a list of Canadian loyalty and points programs and the typical value of each point?


PC Plus 0.1¢
Scotia Rewards 1¢
Air Miles 10.5¢


I ask because I see offers like "20,000 points for joining X" which can mean as little as $20 (PC Optimum) or more than $500 (Starwood Preferred Guest). A one-stop reference for this would be useful.
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Jan 10, 2018
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I get 13.5 cents per air mile on any flight/seat I want with my AMEX Reserve card, so I value my airmiles at that price.

I used to get way more value for them on just air miles flights around 30 cents a mile 3 years agp , but they've decimated those so badly I was lucky to get 15 cents with the previous 25% BMO discount last year.
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Feb 7, 2017
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Eastern Ontario
There are several websites / bloggers that make an EXTREMELY GOOD LIVING off of Loyalty Program Analysis
(Who knew that this could be considered a job just a few short years ago)

Google and you can find them
Loyalty Program Comparisons Canada
Canadian Credit Card Benefits Comparisons

These guys and gals tend to base their info on stats vs emotions

Cause, everyone you know / talk to has an opinion
Truth is it is cause Loyalty Programs are not a one size fits all category
Everyone’s financial situation & lifestyle is different

Take me... we are loyal to AirMiles ... while lots of other folks jumped ship
But I have never been a Casual Collector... been Gold or Onyx the entire time
Makes a difference... HUGE Difference
Especially if you take the time to work the program
And not have the program work you
Plus it fits our current situation / lifestyle
(Cannot use a cash Back Card for work... but a Points Card is ok
This limits my options drastically... so a travel based CC is my best choice
And with AirMiles... my Spouse can also Collect on the same card... along
With household spending. Stuff an airline or hotel card cannot do to the same extent)

Anyhow ya... there is info out there.
Lots of info.
You’re in for a lot of reading to find what works for you best