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Lucky Mobile (Porting) Questions

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Lucky Mobile (Porting) Questions

Just wondering, my wife moved to Lucky (and disconnected/cancelled FIDO). So far so good. My Brother in Law now wants to move fm Virgin Mobile to Lucky (he has no contract on Virgin, BYOD ever since). But so far:

a) when he tried to port his number, he couldn't (T Booth near his house said they could do for Chattr but not Lucky) - is there a reason? (T Booth reps tried, it couldn't go through).
b) T Booth said there'll be a $10 charge to port his number? (is that correct? in our case we bought a $4 SIM card from Dollarama - my wife has a new number, did not port)
c) Net, T Booth initially wanted to charge my brother in law $10 to Port his number AND another $10 for Lucky SIM card = $20 total -- but it didn't go through (hence my first question "A") so maybe he got "lucky" LOL.

Told him not to go there anymore (Eg T Booth) and am wondering what's going on (He does not have RFD account, has no car - less tech savvy than me LOL). Will go with him next week to Lucky to sort this out, just need to find out if he was being hosed by T Booth reps...

Thank and hope you are having/had a happy thanksgiving guys
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You can port yourself online.

Otherwise try a real Bell store


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