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mackenzie health hospital experience

Mar 16, 2008
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mackenzie health hospital experience

Just wanted to share

Had fracture on left hand and right wrist, also stitches inside mouth from accident. My initial surgery was through ER at Mackenzie Cortellucci. Everyone from the surgeon/nurse/anesthesiologist were some of the best I've ever met.

Follow up appointments at 10 Trench Street is where the nightmare started.
First follow up was for infection at stitches inside the mouth, doctor prescribed antibiotic cream to use. At the pharmacy after picking up the medicine, I was warned this is for external use only and I cannot use it for my infection. Sure my insurance covered the cost but wtf...

Next follow up was a few days ago for the wrist fracture and finger fracture, they are at two different department, fracture clinic and plastic clinic.

First saw plastic clinic doctor for the left hand pinky fracture, afterwards was told a splint was needed. When the nurse came, she wanted to put me in a cast because according to the doc's note I fractured both my right wrist and right finger. Couldn't believe I had to argue with her that the wrist fracture is on another hand.

After that as she's about to give me the splint for my finger, she wants to put 3 of my fingers in it, I asked why. She said according to the doc's note, you fractured your left ring finger and all adjacent fingers has to be in the splint. After a few minutes of her checking the original ER files, that was finally solved as well. Now this is all on the doc, the nurse was just as frustrated as I was.

Later on waited an hour for the fracture clinic to call me, turns out, after the plastic clinic, they forgot to put me in the system for the next doctor.

After the fracture clinic, I was told by the doc all's good, come back in 4 weeks and out of the hospital I go. Then someone chases after me out of the hospital door saying you are not finished, we need to change your original cast into a different one.

The lack of communication between the doctors/nurses/patient is absolutely ridiculous.
In total 4 and half hours spent in the hospital for one follow up. I go back to mackenzie my chart online report, the doc's note is still there where he just assumed everything without carefully examining the patient or checking the original ER report.
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Dec 29, 2012
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Sounds very similar to the chaos, ineffectiveness and confusion at the Scarborough Hospitals, even for life threatening situations like a 90 year old who fell and is bleeding profusely from the head (my late Father). The healthcare system is broken depending on where you live. This was several years ago before the pandemic so I can imagine how terrible it must be now. Hope you're recovering fine nonetheless. I'm being very cautious with my health as I dread the hospitals.
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Dec 20, 2018
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our healthcare is stretched well beyond its limits especially with staffing ..even before covid19 it varied depending on where you went but since covid's bad everywhere.

this is why it's important to control covid as everything is affected in healthcare even for non covid related care... my wife is a nurse and it's just scary how understaffed and overworked they are and way more are leaving the profession ...
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Mar 7, 2007
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I had surgery (appendix) at Mackenzie Health, a.k.a. Richmond Hill Hospital. 10 Trench Street. It was OK, even better than OK. I cannot complain about that experience in particular.

But I have been there many times for regular appointments (my mother needs regular treatments). WORST OF THE WORST. For example, "The system "deleted" your appointment. you have to go home now" and similar BS. It is like they don't know how to run a hospital.

I have also been there for 3 emergencies. 1 of them was OK, the other two were WORST OF THE WORST experiences.

The new hospital is so shiny. My mother got vaccinated there. Everything is so new. We were waiting years for that hospital. But how long until the same "worst of the worst" practices take over? The 2 hospitals is the same organization.
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Nov 10, 2019
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Great experience last February during pandemic for my dad's surgery (rhill location). So empty despite media posting about full capacity lol. Anyway, the ER was so empty they kept my dad in ER for bonus period of time, can't complain at all about that :)


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