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Major Real Estate Fraud in Toronto and Mississauga - 1Plus12

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  • Apr 2nd, 2019 9:40 pm
Apr 1, 2019
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Major Real Estate Fraud in Toronto and Mississauga - 1Plus12

Hi everyone, I just want to make every one aware of a serious issue that hit home. There's a bunch of guys who pitch "financial freedom" to old mom and pops and take them for every penny of their retirement savings, make them refinance their homes and leave them high and dry.

The main guy used to go by the name of Mo Jiwani. He did the same scam in BC, got caught, came to Ontario, found a lawyer by the name of Jonathane Ricci (who was suspended from Law Society for fraud) who hid his identity and doctored his IDs to change his name to Sai Mohammad. He then teamed up with some guys from Landmark Education by the name of James Destephanis and Glenn Estrabillo who targeted those looking for mentoring and guiding through their most vulnerable...The story broke here a few months back. Check the link below. ... us12_scam/

Here's some new development from Global News. If you or your family/friends have been impacted by these guys, make sure to speak up now before it's too late. Best of luck all. ... -lawsuits/ ... legal-fire