Marvel TV: Scarlet on Cinemax

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  • Jun 22nd, 2016 9:18 pm
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Marvel TV: Scarlet on Cinemax

Brian Michael, co-creator of Jessica Jones and Powers, is working on bringing Scarlet to the small screen.
http://screenrant.com/marvel-scarlet-tv ... s-cinemax/
Scarlet was co-created by Bendis along with artist Alex Maleev and has been published by Marvel Comics’ Icon imprint since 2010. The series – currently consisting of only eight issues – follows Portland, Oregon, resident Scarlet Rue who rebels against her corrupt government and sparks a second American revolution. Of course, if Scarlet does make it to series and it’s included in the MCU, it’s unlikely the American revolution aspect of the source material will be included in the show – though having Scarlet focused on the city of Portland, just as The Defenders do on New York City, would be one way to adapt the comic.
I would prefer to not have it connect to MCU myself. The comic, while published by Marvel, is creator-owned.

EDIT: It's now confirmed for Cinemax.
http://screencrush.com/marvel-scarlet-h ... el-bendis/
UPDATE - Despite Bendis’ words, sources confirm the project would go to Cinemax, not HBO.

Read More: Marvel 'Scarlet' Coming to HBO From 'Jessica Jones' Creator | http://screencrush.com/marvel-scarlet-h ... ck=tsmclip
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