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Mattress for Todder

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Oct 17, 2002
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Mattress for Todder

So my almost 2 year old daughter (99th percentile in height and weight - so almost 36" and probably 30pounds now), has outgrown the crib.

I'm thinking of going the full/double sized mattress rather than the single/twin. But, not sure how much to spend.
Because weight really isnt that big of an issue for a toddler, does spending a lot of money on a mattress make sense? And she's all over the place on the mattress, back, side and stomach sleeping, so not sure on where to go on firm vs plush?

What did you guys do?
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Dec 11, 2003
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I don't know what you mean by expensive but I bought a double sized mattress and box spring from Sleep Country for around $1000 during their mix and match sale about 9 years ago (I think it was around $1000; I don't remember paying more than that). It's been great. We chose firm (my son was too young to know what he likes). I would suggest to go to a store and just lay down on some mattresses. The sales guy said to lay down for about 5 mins and get a feel for the mattress. I did this for both firm and soft (I forget what the other term is; plush doesn't sound right).

Since your daughter is 2 she'd probably end up just running around so it would probably be up to you on what you want.

The old double sized mattress that was replaced was old, cheap, and you could feel the springs in your back. I put a memory foam mattress topper from Costco (I think it was around $90 on sale) on it and now it feels like heaven. I thought that old mattress was done for. So, even if whatever mattress you buy doesn't work out or doesn't last as long as it should you could just throw a memory foam topper on it and it'll be like a new mattress.
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