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MBNA - lack of security feature and customer service

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Jan 6, 2018
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MBNA - lack of security feature and customer service

Hi all,

One of my smallest CC cards was compromised a week ago, as I received a notification of a fraudulent purchase.

I called support and they blocked the card right away. The rep told me was good I called right away because someone was trying to get as much as they could.

Because I don't use this card often, I asked about freezing the card, and the rep told me after I receive the new card, to call them to put a lock on it. He explained the feature of lock/unlock will come soon ( they have in the States but we don't). I thought ok, I will prefer I can get on the app/website but calling isn't too bad

So I checked all my other cards, and they all have these features except MNBA.

My card is lacking:

1) No locking mechanism
2) an unclear and puzzling messaging system
3) a new and, not really practical (and will be going live next month) alert when you go close the $100 credit limit on your card

1) I called the rep and I told the story above and because I am using the card only for BT and I don't need to use it right if he can block it from his side:

He told me they can't, the only way is to say the card was misplaced, it will block it for TWO days and send another...I said what the sense of this, you guys cannot lock a card answer from him

2) if you go on your personal info there is an option you can enable:
Notify me via email when I complete an online banking-related action like a profile change or balance transfer.

So ok I said this is ok...the problem is all the fields need to be completed and one of those is your income!!!
Why do I need to put my income? ...they didn't ask when I got the I asked what if put any amount, and the rep said:

If it is too low we maybe cancel the card, and so asked: What the sense of this? Why do I need to tell you my income to be notified about a purchase? and again, no answer from the rep

3) For the new feature is a joke...someone can go inside your account get all the money and leave $101 and the system will not notify you, there is to debate about this but I don't think is a security feature, just a commodity

SO I said to the rep, why your parent company (TD Bank) has all the features and you have pretty much none, who doesn't want to spend the money here TD or MBNA? So he tried to transfer to a manager but he couldn't find any. So, I said please tell your manager to send me an email ...Today the manager CALLED and I asked him why he called when I told the rep to receive an email? He could not answer, so I said ok you answer my question and he said it is better to explain to him again...I asked do you know why you are calling me? He didn't know... facepalm...after that, he regurgitated about the MC protection and stuff like that, and he could not talk about TD...but when I asked about why they pretty much no security and why I need to write in the system about my income to receive a notification he went silent.

Their BT system is pretty good, I receive offers of about 0% and BT transfers to 3% sometimes 2% for 12 months. and you can transfer the money also to your bank account, rather than the CC ( this feature now really concern me).

I am wondering if I need just to cancel so I don't have to chase them if the card will be compromised, seeing also horrible customer service, or if all the MBNA's cardholders need to unite and complain to TD. :)
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Sep 14, 2012
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I just wanted to mention that not all credit cards will allow you to lock your credit card.

Out of the cards that I have, my AMEX cards offered limited locking which means that I can lock the card BUT it will automatically unlock after 7 days automatically.

I don't use my AMEX cards often so want to lock/freeze the card but this 7 day freezing/locking is worthless to me.

Cards that I have which have locking/freezing features are TD Bank NA, TD Canada Trust, CIBC, Tangerine, PC Financial, and Canadian Tire Financial Triangle. The only cards that I lock are my TD Bank NA card, my TD Canada Trust card, and my CIBC card. I don't lock Tangerine, PC Financial, and Canadian Tire Triangle because I use them regularly and I obviously don't lock my AMEX cards since the lock is "worthless" for my needs.
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Jan 6, 2018
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Hi @lmcjipo

Yes I noticed with Amex, the lock is only for 7 days, and you can do it from the App/website or rep.

Cards like Scotia have only on the App, not on the website, and the rep can do too.

But I never heard any rep telling me they can NOT lock the card, and if they do it is like asking for a new card each time because the card was lost or misplaced.
Plus all the cards I have will notify you about the purchase by email ( my Amex by the app), but MBNA doesn't do that, you need to check the app/website often to see if something going on.
The other CC is always active, and I will notice, thank their notification system for a fraudulent charge.

As I said, I use this card only for BT transfer and in a while, I didn't need some extra cash, and the other compromised card, I used once in a while and can be locked by the rep.
I think MBNA need to put some protection in place, they want me to call the rep and they will do it, I am ok with that, even wait in line to speak with someone, not just saying "Insurance will pay for everything, don't worry about that" (MC protection)
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Apr 29, 2018
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First time I am hearing that some credit cards cannot be blocked.
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Mar 12, 2005
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Technically can't they do it the old school way? To me the ability to go online and freeze your card is a newer one. Hence why not all credit cards offer it.

What they used to do was cancel the card, and issue a new one in the mail. They wouldn't leave the compromised card active?
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Jan 6, 2018
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Yea, I knew the card has no locking mechanism from the website or the app, as my other compromised card, but in this case, I was able to do it by the rep ( I will do it when I get the new card). And the rep informed me the card will be locked until I will call back to unlock it.

I am ok with that. The app/website feature is good to have, but not essential.

What is essential is the fact MBNA doesn't have a lock mechanism and can't tell me to call every 2 days and say the card is misplaced (so it isn't done correctly the system will block the card and send a new one ...with my luck, I will receive up to 180+ replacement cards in one year lol).

Plus I will accept a manager who will tell me they don't have this mechanism in place, and maybe they can work on it etc, I will not need an apology...but when they try to hide the truth and tell me MC will pay is a half baked answer.

BTW, I received another call today. maybe from their Boss, he explained they can't send emails, and I was thinking also banks in the prairie can send emails nowadays but, anyway, he told me they will put my suggestion in the suggestion box, and he confirmed they have no locking mechanism and the notification: Notify me via email when I complete an online banking-related action like a profile change or balance transfer, I only when I do something, or if somebody accesses my account.

I told them I understand it will cost money to add a feature in the app/website but if they at least do from their side, we will not care about that.

SO the suggestion is in the box and if we are lucky in 1, 2 or 5 years they will have a lock mechanism. lmao ( but I am crying inside)


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