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Mar 16, 2018
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Mcattery maine coon breeder review 1/5

Cathie from Mcattery might be a registered TICA breeder from Toronto Ontario, but the customer communication is appalling. Yes, I have emails and text messages to prove it all.

At first, there was miscommunication about payment. She first requested Paypal deposit, then told me to cancel it and pay everything in cash.

Secondly, she said I would get Sherlock on Wednesday, but that was another pet in the Ottawa area getting delivered. Finally got him on Saturday instead. Also adopted a 2nd kitten the same week from Kijiji to keep each other company (Ottawa Humane and Feline Cafe weren't offering adoptions anymore because covid).

She gets 1 star because Sherlock was gorgeous! Kittens quickly became friends, and shared everything.

But he was never very playful, and when I closed the bedroom door he started peeing in front of the door about 2 weeks in. He was drinking a lot of water, but wasn't eating much. I tried 3 different dry foods, 5 different wet foods, and half a dozen treats. Vet didn't notice anything as he got his 2nd vaccine shot.

A month in, and Sherlock didn't gain any weight. That day about 2 months ago he was very lethargic, and wasn't even answering when called. I took him to a hospital, he was hypothermic and low blood sugar, was put on IV with glucose and heat blanket overnight. Doctors (2 of them, different shift overnight) weren't expecting him to survive the night. Contacted the breeder asking for , and her reply was:
Im totally shocked all his siblings has no issue and the reviews posted already online .

please note the kitten sleep 16 hours NOT 8 hrs like human and you dont need to take him

for vet if sleep this is normal for kitten please google it . and why blood test !!! many vet

like car mechanic unnecessary test and the result will be he is ok ,please buy for him

2 or 3 different brand of quality food , toys like laser and coil , also make massage for his

HEAD AND CHin he love this soooo much any issue please communicate with me first

thanks for your patience .

Next day as the blood work said that kidneys were completely failed, I transferred Sherlock to another hospital. Doctor there and internal medicine specialist examined him, and came back with the same conclusion. Lil baby fur was in pain, and was not going to recover and live a normal life from acute kidney failure at 4 months old. On the phone with Cathie, she promised a refund or a second kitten in exchange for his remains. My sister (a vet too, living far away) checked the blood work and came to the same conclusion, it was time for Sherlock to cross the rainbow bridge. I was holding him in my arms, he wasn't even moving anymore as the doctor at the 2nd hospital injected the anesthetic (before even the drug overdose injection), and Sherlock stopped breathing. His suffering was over.

I told Cathie she can have his ashes, she said she doesn't want a post-mortem lab analysis. She kept asking me for 2 days if I want a 2nd kitten or a refund, and I always mentioned I want another kitten in a month when the next litter is over. July came, and when I tried to contact her, she didn't answer my email, text message, or calls. I don't need the $1800 back that I spend on hospital fees, blood work, and examinations in his last 24 hours. I would have appreciated getting back the $1400 that she asks for as the kitten price, but I'm choosing to move on instead of fighting a legal battle. All I want is Sherlock's story to be known. If you're unlucky with your kitten, Cathie won't help.

Have a good one!

p.s. Stella, the gray one, is happy, healthy, and full of energy at almost 5 months old!
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Oct 9, 2020
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I read your story about sherlock and have placed an ad warning others to stay away from mcattery
Feb 1, 2021
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I’m sorry for your experience- wondering if you have any updates to your outcome. I have a deposit down on a kitten through Mcattery and agree communication has been horrible. I contacted TICA and they stated they don’t have any complaints on file, but it’s to the point it makes you wonder if it’s even a legitimate business/breeder. I wonder if the kitten is going to show up? Or have I been scammed....
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Dec 20, 2018
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are there any sites/resources that have reviews of catteries ?
Mar 5, 2021
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Did you end up getting your cat? How is it?