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[McDonalds] Ontario Only: Free Medium fries from McDonald's when Raptors score 12+ 3-pointers

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Oct 20, 2007
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And tomorrow we get free fries again. :)
Not all Toronto sports teams are cursed!! Toronto Raptors 2019 NBA Champs! :D
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Jun 20, 2010
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Man, Raptors as a sports team should be promoting healthy rewards. My dad bod is crying from these free fries and 20 for 10 nuggets Face With Tears Of Joy Off to the golden arches again after work.
Jun 29, 2009
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dark2026 wrote: Get the codes before - take a screenshot of each one before going to the kiosk for quick ordering, especially if there's a line. Sometimes I'll use two machines at the same time if available to minimize my wait time for the fries since the screen transitions take a few seconds.

I don't know if this still works but gmail ignores periods (.) in the email addresses, but McD's app doesn't. You can have dozens of unique McD's accounts from one email address like 'mcdonalds2000@gmail.com', just make the next account 'm.cdonalds2000@gmail.com' and 'mc.donalds2000@gmail.com' or even 'm.c.d.onalds2000@gmail.com'. Save the email / password on your app and just put periods in so you don't have to retype every time.

Turn them into homemade poutine, chili fries, or put'em in a wrap.
The codes rotate every couple of minutes so screenshots don't work.
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Jan 8, 2006
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Vaughan, Ontario
M-e-X-x wrote: Free fries!!
For tomorrow? That's pretty quick. Its halftime, according to google
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Jul 20, 2006
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What's the streak now or is it something like 8 out of the last 10.