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McDonald's: Spicy McChicken Sandwiches Are Back for 2020

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  • Sep 19th, 2020 8:19 pm
May 17, 2003
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McDonald's: Spicy McChicken Sandwiches Are Back for 2020

Spice up your face at McDonald's, because the Spicy McChicken is back for 2020!

There are three Spicy McChicken variants and McDonald's is dialing up the heat this year, as they've added a new Scotch Bonnet McChicken as their mid-tier sandwich. The Habanero McChicken is now their least-spicy sandwich (it was their mid-tier option in 2019), while the Ghost Pepper McChicken returns as the spiciest McChicken.
  • Spicy Habanero McChicken -- the classic McChicken, topped with creamy Habanero sauce
  • Spicier Scotch Bonnet McChicken (available September 1 to 28) -- the classic McChicken, topped with spicy Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce
  • Spiciest Ghost Pepper McChicken (available September 15 to 28) -- the classic McChicken, topped with fiery Ghost Pepper sauce
The Habanero McChicken and Scotch Bonnet McChicken are available now, but the Ghost Pepper McChicken will only be available during the latter-half of September -- for reference, a standalone Spicy McChicken is priced at $6.49 in Toronto (pricing may vary by region).

Spicy McChicken sandwiches are available for a limited time at McDonald's participating restaurants in Canada -- click here to find the location nearest you.

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Mar 22, 2005
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New sauce - same lousy overpriced sandwich.
Dec 23, 2009
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So very very not spicy.... Any of them. Tried last year, never again.
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Mar 23, 2004
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Habanero was mildly spicy.

The scotch bonnet or as we a say back home* balla fiya... I just had it, holy crap that alone is the spiciest thing McD's has ever had on their menu in Canada, that's for sure. The habanero was a joke by comparison which is odd because I thought a habanero pepper was higher on the scovevilles or whatever than scotch bonnet, but perhaps it depends on the type of habanero.

*Not really back home for me per se since I've never actually been, but my background, you know...

TBH that was about my limit for spicy so I'm not gonna try the ghost pepper.

It's true is just the same ol' McChicken underneath but I'm sure you could get the sauce on another sandwich if you asked for it. I don't believe the higher two come in nugget sauces like the habanero sauce does, but it would be cool (or hot rather lol) if they did.