Medical Laboratory Technician to Technologist Question

Aug 10, 2014
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Medical Laboratory Technician to Technologist Question

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Toronto who completed a Bsc in Integrative Biology and Psychology. To be brutally honest, my marks weren't the greatest. I'm thinking of doing a 1 year Medical Laboratory Technician program in a few months instead of a masters. Essentially, I had a hard time choosing if I should go for that or the Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) program (~2.5 years) because I know the upside to that path versus the Technician program(~8 months accelerated). However, due to financial restrictions at the moment and an urgency (duration of program lengths) to get a health career related job asap and help my family, I've opted to do the technician program which is expected to be completed by June with one semester of practical which will be somewhat a valuable experience. My question is, how would/can one transition from the technician to technologist program down the road as I have that as a long-term goal in 2-4 years. Is it possible? I noticed that MLT programs are like 6-7 semesters which last 2.5 years (full time) which is not possible for me atm without a health based startup job at least.

Any thoughts? Recommendations. Would appreciate a second opinion or different way to look at my situation before I go for it. Thanks in advance!!
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Jan 29, 2009
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I'm an MLT and I just graduated from Michener. I will say it's a tough job market out there for Technicians as programs are constantly graduating people every month. I train two new Technicians on their placement every month since I started my job back in April. There are some openings but it's definitely tough.

As for transitioning to MLT, at least at my school, it will not give you a leg up. You will have to complete the entire program and won't be able to jump ahead. Most programs will require you to do the full thing as the classes are very specific for MLTs and will contain a lot of information that you wouldn't see as a technician. My class had a former technician in it and she said it was very very different from what she learned before.

I love being an MLT and I had a job lined up before graduation and so did many of my friends and classmates. It's a great profession to go into!