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Aug 10, 2008
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terrorencee wrote: My Guelph G2 exit test route

Thanks for your Guelph G2 exit route.
I re-mapped it to make it a bit easier to understand:

Test taken end of April 2014, passed! Fullly G-licensed now. :D
The Drive Test Centre is on the north side of Woodlawn Rd. You have to park your car behind (north) the building, and come out on Arrow Rd, then turn right at Woodlawn. For this testing, the route involved turning left/south at Imperial Rd, not Royal Rd, but then went into the same neighbourhood for the usual testing. Watch for school zones, slow down and make visible head gestures when approaching the many railroad track crossings. Good luck.

As with any routes you see on here, it's not a given...just take note of the neighbourhood, and go everywhere around it if it makes you feel more can't (shouldn't) pass just because someone shows you a 'possible' route. Just use them as practice, practice, practice routes...go the opposite directions, and beyond the neighbourhoods shown too.
Nov 18, 2014
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Toronto, ON
Hey guys I'm doing the g1 exits test route port union wanna know the route if someone did recently and about the uphill downhill parking do u do with curbe or without really confusing and do they ask u emergency parking or stop or roadside stop and what are the exact steps do u flash the 4 way lights before or after stopping the car thanks a lot
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Sep 29, 2012
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downsview route

-exit parking lot, stop at stop sign and turn left on Carl Hall Road. Follow through, stopping at stop signs and the pedestrian crossing.
-turn right on Sheppard (where there is a turning lane on the other side, making it three lanes whereas where you turn there are only two lanes).
-switch lanes.
-turn right at Tuscan Gate.
-turn right at St Regis Cres. North.
-turn left on Bakersfield Road and then turn left again on St Regis Cres. Perform parallel park. Perform 3 point turn. Uphill Park; then perform Emergency Stop.
-turn right at Bakersfield Rd., continue to Tuscan Gate and turn right on Sheppard
-switch lanes, turn left at Carl Hall Road and go back to the Drive Centre, parking frontward

this is same route some one posted in ontario drving test routes
Nov 5, 2012
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Anyone who's done the G test at etobicoke recently know if the route still contains the 427 North section coming from Burnhamthrope ramp? There's construction on 427N reducing the lanes to one and driving is terrible on there. Usually there's 3+ of us one after another squeezing to merge. The short merge ramp doesn't help either.
Dec 27, 2004
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DS did his G1 exit test at Downsview this week. It was exactly the route posted here. Passed first try. The group effort help here is much appreciated!
Jul 27, 2014
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can someone please post G1 exit road test route @ Aurora.....

there are two of them I found online, but not sure which is the correct/latest one.....

Aug 2, 2014
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Thornhill, ON
Hi everyone! I'm going for my G in downsview Toronto in about 3 weeks and i was wondering if anyone knows the route? also for the highway, do i have to hit 100 before merging? will i fail if i'm going like 95?

Any other tips?!!

Mar 7, 2011
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Hi all,

Can anyone help with driving route information for the St. Catharines test centre? I live in the GTA but it was the first centre with an available date. I am heading there before my test to familiarize myself with the streets and knowing the test route or some general directions of the route would be really helpful and appreciated!

Aug 12, 2014
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Kitchener, ON
Does anyone have any clues of the route for Hamilton at Kenora? Will I be taking the QEW or the Redhill? Any tips, hints, clues are greatly appreciated!
Aug 12, 2014
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Kitchener, ON
So I went for my road test last week and passed! I worked myself up thinking I needed to know the route, all for nothing! I didnt end up figuring out where i'd be taken but still had a successful first attempt!
Dec 14, 2011
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zobi123 wrote: Wow thanks, any tips, ill be doing it there soon?
Just be really cautious when youre going up to speed, merging onto Hwy 6. It's really easy to go past the speed limit cause it's a 70 zone. But other than that, I did it on a non-peak time past lunch hour so everything was buttery smooth. Did multiple lane changing on Highway 6, 3 point turn, parallel park and emergency stop.
Jul 21, 2012
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You are doing gods work son. We need to help all those hong kongers buying S8 and Macans pass the driving test...don't want them wrecking their 80k cars.
Jul 27, 2014
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G1 exit in aurora:

enter Henderson, take right to dunning, , left to cameron, right to royal, do parallel aprking, 3 point turn, uphill, down hill. take left to cameron, right to dunning and head back to drive test center.
Sep 1, 2014
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Oakville, ON
I did my G test twice in August 2014 and September 2014 in Guelph.
I passed my second time.

First time route :
From parking turn left, keep going till you hit the road you turn right out of the driving place.
First stop sign turn right.
Keep going, they will tell you to switch lane when it is safe to do so.
You will keep going on Woodlawn till you hit Royal Rd
Royal road keep going till you hit Speedvale Ave
Then he asked me to keep on the right lane and exit onto the Hanlon( hwy 6)
Kept going till I hit the bridge ( here he asked me to change lane from left to right few times)
Then we exited hanlon, then we got back on the hanlon of the bridge
Then turned right on Paisley Rd, took a left on Alma St, took a right on Drew St, here I was asked to parallel park.
Took a right on Julia Dr this is where he asked me to do a 3 point turn, then I was asked to do emergency stop right before the stop sign for Willow Rd.
We got back on Alma St,kept going till Willow Rd.
Took a right on Willow Rd,took a left on Dawson.
Kept going on Dawson till we hit Woodlawn.
Left on Woodlawn and right into the driving center.

My test yesterday was slightly different route:
Exited driving center by going left out of it, then taking a right, then right at stop sign, then left on Royal Rd.
Royal Rd till Speedvale, left on Speedvale, right on Hanlon.
Right on Willow Rd, right on Marksam Rd, keep going till you reach Speedvale.
Right on Speedvale, right onto the Hanlon ( hwy 6), left on Willow Rd.
Willow Rd till Alma St, right on Alma St.
On Alma St I did an emergency stop and parallel parking and 3 point turn.
Then back on Willow Rd after the 3 point turn, left on Dawson
Dawson till Woodlawn, Woodlawn left and to the driving center where we front park.


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