[Merged] Ontario Driving Test Routes

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Feb 29, 2008
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I can confirm the Aurora G2 exit test map is consistent. I went in the opposite direction, though. Speed limit changes a lot there so keep your eyes peeled for the signs.
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Apr 30, 2002
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JayLove06 wrote: I can confirm the Aurora G2 exit test map is consistent. I went in the opposite direction, though. Speed limit changes a lot there so keep your eyes peeled for the signs.
> :(

Beware of your surroundings, always, ... not just some signs!

Rule of thumb ... 25 , 50 and expressway/highway speeds.
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Jan 28, 2005
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How up to date is the downsview map?
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Oct 26, 2010
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Kitchener G1 exit route

This is only one of the routes. I saw most people turning left out of the plaza, but I turned right. Either way, when you look at the directions on a map, it will look just like a circle. You literally go around and that's it.

Turn right out of the Drive Test parking lot.
Turn left on Lackner (be quick with changing lanes, the turn comes fast).
Turn left on Keewatin Ave.
Turn right on Heritage Drive.
Follow the curve to the left to Halifax Drive.
Turn left on Confederation Drive.
Turn left on Lorraine Ave.
Turn right on Lackner.
Turn right on Ottawa.
Turn left to DriveTest center.

I passed with only 3 checkmarks (all involving parking). One thing I didn't know is that when you park uphill, you put the car into neutral and actually let it hit the curb and THEN put the car in park. ;) I'm from a city with no hilly roads, so that was new to me.
I just want to say that I think that the other route where you turn left from the plaza could be trickier for new drivers. When I first practiced that, I drove over the yellow line when I exited... Make sure to go around it. And on the way back from that direction, the lanes confused me when they split.
Sep 19, 2011
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blexann wrote: You sequence above for changing lanes is incorrect. So many get this wrong and it's in the Drivers Handbook.

Check mirrors (rear and side)--->blind spot-->signal--->recheck mirrors and blind spot--->change lanes gradually and without slowing down
Changing lanes

Yeah this always confuses me because different places tell you to signal first.
but the mto says the same as you, so now that is how I will do it.
Changing lanes is a movement from one lane to another on roads with two or more lanes in the same direction. You may have to change lanes to overtake another vehicle, to avoid a parked vehicle or when the vehicle ahead slows to turn at an intersection.

Never change lanes without giving the proper signal and looking to make sure the move can be made safely.

Here are the steps for making a lane change:
Check your mirrors for a space in traffic where you can enter safely.
Check your blind spot by looking over your shoulder in the direction of the lane change. Be especially careful to check for bicycles and other small vehicles. Signal that you want to move left or right.
Check again to make sure the way is clear and that no one is coming too fast from behind or from two lanes over on a multi-lane road.
Steer gradually into the new lane. Do not slow down, maintain the same speed or gently increase it.
Never make sudden lane changes by cutting in front of another vehicle, including bicycles. Other drivers expect you to stay in the lane you are already in. Even if you signal, they expect you to yield the right-of-way.

Avoid unnecessary lane changes or weaving from lane to lane. You are more likely to cause a collision, especially in heavy traffic or bad weather. Don't change lanes in or near an intersection. Remember that spending a few seconds behind another vehicle is often safer than going around it.
Nov 27, 2012
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Hi All,
I recently passed my G2 Road test From Oakville Centre, not in single attemp though. I spent lots of time and money practicing, during my time, this blog helped me a lot. So as payback I want to add few comments and tips for all those who are new to this test taking.

Route for the G2 RdT, is

1.Exit to right from test centre, this test centre is one way, you would have to exit to the left. (always signal right to back up and drive out of centre).

2.On Cornwall Rd.turn right on maple road(dead-end side), do 3pt turn and after that parallel park between 2 trafic cone, please make sure you see other cars coming and watch for right of way and dont ever hit / touch trafic cone while parking,this is a major diqualification reason.

3.From Maple Grove road go straight to north side of Maple rd. there is a signal in between, pls. make sure that you are on the correct side of the road(i.e. Right hand side to go striahgt,there is road marking but one can hardly see it so people get fail for this mistake.

4. From first signal at North side of Maple Grove take left to Constance Rd. Examiner may ask you to do overnightpark, downhillpark...he/she can use any words to ask you for up/downhill park, in any of the inside road. If he says overnight ,then U have to look for the road yourself and park accordingly depending if it is up or down.

5. Either examiner would take u thru Costance straight to Aspen Forest Drive, would make u do some left right turns, or would take u thru Dunedin rd to same Aspen Forest area. Speed around whole test centre is 50 with the exception of Cornwall road where it is 60. not go to max, keep 4-5 pts.below max which is safer bcz you can not go over the max speed and fail.

6.From Aspen Forest Area they ask you to take a right turn to Ford Rd(50 Speed), On this rd. pls.dont forget to look both ways before approaching railway line.

7. Take left on Cornwall, it is a bit tricky. On this Rd. there are normally big truck and carriers taking turns in both dirctions, watch for them they always turn in the left most lane bcz of thier size. if you are waiting for left turn let them go first.

8.On Cornwall, after the railway line change ur lane with caution, make sure no one is in your Blind Spot.

9.Go straight and right turn in Drive test Centre. watch for Speed brakers in Drive centre,use ur brake to go smoothly over those. Park the car in the spot mentioned by examiner and straighten ur wheel.

Good thing about centre:
it is relatively easy compared to other centres, i wonder GTA people go to Clinton, Simcoe or other remot centres, it is far easier then those.

Bad Thing About Centre:
On Cornwall Rd. there is a lot of heavy traffic.

Last but not least, "it is Practice ...Practice and Practice added to one good Chance"
Nov 27, 2012
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Hi pls. share your experience about Guelph G road test and route. I am planning on going for G test soon and I want to scout the area so there will be little surprises for me when i go for my G liscense RT. I will greatly appreciate.
Apr 11, 2006
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Just completed my G Test in Oakville. Here's the route I took, and some tips.

Make left out of test center on cornwall, made a left turn on ford drive, right on sheridan garden (speed limit of 50),

left on gable drive (remember speed limit of 40 in residential!), right on wynten way, right on lambton dr, here's where i

did parallel parking/3 point turn, and went back onto wynten way, in which i had to do an emergency stop.
continued onto wynten way (i was driving 40 on this road, and he said i was driving too slow? the area was still considered residential, and i asked him if the limit was 50, and he said he couldn't say anything. so i sped up to 50.

left on kingsway drive (beware of the speed signs, i believe the speed limit went from 50 to 40 and it was downhill. i wasn't able to drop down my speed limit to 40, so i was driving around 45 in which i thought i failed right then and there.

right onto ford drive. took QEW hamilton, did a lane change to the left lane, back onto the right lane, back to the left lane, and back to the right lane.

exited at trafalgar and made a left, went back onto QEW toronto, and exited royal windsor drive (speed limit of 80 right when you get off the highway, and continues to be 80 until you see a 60 sign. right on ford drive, right on cornwall, and back into the test center!

i passed but i seriously thought i failed because i went over the speed limit in that residential area.
Feb 5, 2013
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Hi all,*
I went for G2 exit exam at Port Union, The fat black lady officer was my examiner. She face was very tight and did not say even a Hi when she get into the car. I did well in all aspect. She asked me to take highway 2 route and did three-point turn at Watson road. After that when I take left turn from Watson to Old Kingston road, I stopped at stop sign and move forward slowly to see any vehicle is coming from either side and one vehicle approaching from left and I was about to stop. But before I stop she yelled to stop.*

Then she wrote on the paper that is a dangerous action and failed.

So please take extra care when she come for your road test, need more action please.

Blind spot for every turn ( even at 3 point turn , but does it make sense to anyone) , back mirror checking at every stop,*
Feb 16, 2013
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trini wrote: OK Folks!
I've got my G1 test coming up at the Etobicoke location.
Can someone link me to the route and any tips that can help me pass will score you not only thanks but a free meal.
i have mine booked at the same location on the 27th. routes and tips appreciated :p
Feb 26, 2013
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Anyone in Burlington who is taking their G1 exit test, here are 3 routes I know are confirmed as official potential routes. I took the stanley, fisher and pettit route today and failed :'( But I still remember the route! Here you are:
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May 14, 2012
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Routes for G1 exit test for Aurora?
Mar 11, 2013
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Hey all

I am giving my G2 exit road test in Port Union next week and I would really appreciate it if I could get some tips on:

1. Emergency Stop: What are the exact steps?
2. When I am entering the ramp and the speed says 60 at what point am I supposed to start speeding, also when I am exiting the highway and getting on the ramp at what point do I decrease my speed to match the speed limit...

Thanks in advance