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[Telus] Telus Retention Plan..

Sep 16, 2020
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Has anyone been able to get a cheaper ignite plan from retention? Im paying 67.5 for 10gb then unlimited but throttled afterwards. Seeing if I can get it cheaper
Jun 17, 2019
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boak21 wrote: I just received an interesting call from TELUS winback I’d like to share.

I didn’t notice they were from TELUS at first but the rep was telling me about “great” offers he has for me to come back. I said go ahead.

They are quite awful but this is what I was offered.

TELUS POM $75 10gb plan with $5 discount for 24 months

Koodo 6gb plan for $50

This is when I told the rep no thanks and I’m actually with TELUS if he wanted to throw me a bone and the rep just told me to call customer care lol.

He confirmed with me that it was a old account from 2018 I had that was cancelled. Then he finally found my current TELUS account after arguing with me about me saying that I am currently with TELUS.

These offers are quite cold and even Bell offered a $65 20gb winback plan.

I’m still with TELUS of course cause I got a $28 in total monthly discount if you read my post I made a couple or so posts back.

Maybe I got really lucky with who I called TELUS that day when I said I wanted to leave for Bell. I got offered better deals by staying than if I actually did cancel everything.

So for those who actually left TELUS and are waiting for the winback team. I wouldn’t hold your breath.
switch to Freedom to get the best deals... I just did.. $45 for 25gb winback offer from Telus
Sep 16, 2018
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sharadsingh23 wrote: switch to Freedom to get the best deals... I just did.. $45 for 25gb winback offer from Telus
Good luck doing that if freedom doesn’t even service your area. In fact Rogers doesn’t even service it. There’s only Bell towers where I am at so my options are only Bell or Telus.
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Aug 30, 2011
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Any winback offers from porting out to Rogers?
Mar 17, 2015
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Saskatoon, SK
towhytea wrote: I canceled from Telus after 20 years because Bell offered me 2 lines one at $65 and one at $55 both at 20gb each. 2 months free service, no activation fees and crave free for a year.

Telus called today and offered 2 lines at $40 each for 25gb no activation fees and $80 credit to cover the bell activation fees.
Similarly, after years with Koodo (6gb+3gb for $45), using only 1-1.5gb per month, decided wanted to reduce cost & Koodo would do nothing, so switched to Lucky (1GB $25). Got winback call offering Telus offers only. Best was if got 2 lines moved over (15gb/line $50 each after line discount). Tried to take them up on it but as soon as they found out wife was existing customer already ($65 for 15gb) basically got told too bad can't do now.

Week later we moved both lines to Bell (9gb shared data for $75 for one year) which more than covered our data needs. Wife wants new phone, I'm indifferent, probably end up buying outright. Unless she receives a winback call offering a great BF Deal (crossing fingers but not holding breath).