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Michael's 40% off one item

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Oct 28, 2016
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Puissance wrote:
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May 19, 2009
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I like their $2.99 photo boxes ($2 after 40% off) but it is one of those everyday value items, so I can only get the discount if the cashier is being nice...
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Dec 3, 2005
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they usually offer better coupons for Friday/Saturday, but i haven't notice a 60% off in a while. 40% off is in the low end..
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Nov 10, 2011
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St. Catharines
Just looked at the coming Michaels flyer ... 45% off coupon for Fri-Sat Feb 28-29, 40% coupon March 1-5. Could have a better daily coupon, but that's what is in the flyer.
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Nov 9, 2010
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Visited Michaels a few months back. Worst experience.

Went for picture frames and quite a few of them had dings of damages to them.
Having never shopped there I didn't know what was an everyday value item so I was hoping to find an employee to ask.
Eventually just decided to bring it up to the cash and the cashier was unaware what was an everyday value item and if the coupon would work.

Price on the shelf and their site are different. They hang a large SCOP board in their shop, but they don't even match/honor their online pricing.
When I told the cashier the price online on their site was cheaper a manager was called, just to tell me they couldn't match it and if I wanted that price to place an online pickup....
I asked if I did it now will I be able to pick it up today (few hours left in the day), and I was told no because their system is slow...

I just left without the frame and ordered a similar one off amazon.
The reason I didn't order off amazon to begin with was it was a very large frame and people had mixed reviews with shattered glass, however mine came perfect.

0/10, first impressions were pretty bad.


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