Michener- Ultrasound Program vs. other programs in Ontario

Apr 8, 2015
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Michener- Ultrasound Program vs. other programs in Ontario

I am extremely interested in the ultrasound program at Michener. I am curious however why Michener requires a bachelors degree while other schools like Cambrian do not. I will be getting my bachelor's degree next year
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Feb 3, 2015
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North York, ON
Ultrasound programs at schools like Cambrian College and St Clair College are considered direct-entry diploma programs (where you can apply after graduating high school and other post-secondary education is not necessary), whereas the Ultrasound programs at Michener and Algonquin College are graduate diplomas/certificates (where it is necessary to either have post-secondary education or be a member of a registered health profession). Hence, these graduate programs are shorter than the others.

You can see from the course lists at St Clair and Cambrian that they have more introductory courses (such as general anatomy and physiology, intro to patient care, etc.) and more elective courses than the other schools where the curriculum is more streamlined. You can compare them here: ... 09USPG.HTM ... onography/ ... onography/

For some reason Michener took down the information about the courses/curriculum in the Ultrasound program (I've seen it up before in previous years), but they do list a few first-year courses in their viewbook here if that interests you: