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[Microsoft Store] Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Red - $69.99 + HST + 1% Ebates/3% Honey - OOS

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Oct 19, 2019
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Toronto Night Sky
How is this keyboard compare to the redragon 552? Is the red switch much quieter than the blue switch?
Aug 19, 2011
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JLu416 wrote: In case anyone was looking for quieter keys and don't care for RGB: ... h/10753834

I know it says it's only $4 off but it was $99 just last week when I was checking. CCC also shows that price and $76 is just 10% off the lowest price. Not bad imo.
I really wish there was a tenkeyless version of that board. I'd be all over it.
Dec 29, 2013
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I bought XBOX GCs then realized I need a keyboard with a number pad ... smh
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Jul 21, 2016
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towers229 wrote: I bought one because it was a mechanical cherry red tenkeyless keyboard from a company I'm familiar with (love the Hyper X headphones) for under $100.

Ticks a lot of boxes.
I read that as "Licks a lot of boxes" and legit brainstormed for 30 secondes how licking a lot of boxes was relevant to a keyboard. Lol.
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Apr 21, 2015
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Calgary, AB
InvaIid wrote: I read that as "Licks a lot of boxes" and legit brainstormed for 30 secondes how licking a lot of boxes was relevant to a keyboard. Lol.
I mean let's be real.. If a keyboard helped me lick a lot of boxes I'd buy the entire damn stock.
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Nov 18, 2011
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Desperadude wrote: This one seems to be a better deal ? ... 03100-r3u1
Depends on your use case.

OP's MX red switch; yours is razer mechanical green (loud, clicky, roughly like mx blue)
OP's tenkeyless, meaning narrower without number pad, more space for mouse movement; Yours is full keyboard.
OP's N Key Roll-Over; yours 10 Key Roll-Over.
OP's full steel frame.

I'd say OP's is superior in every way in terms of gaming.
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Nov 25, 2007
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I bought the Corsair K68 RBG Mechanical keyboard from Best Buy for $99.99 yesterday. It’s refurbished but manufacture refurbished. Runs like brand new.
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Apr 21, 2015
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Calgary, AB
ssjlancer wrote: This gigabyte with a numpad often goes on sale for $49.99. It was on sale for $29.99 at one point but that was before covid(theres a thread here)
No stock at the moment though.
Still not tenkeyless but a great keyboard nonetheless. Got one for my gf that plays Overwatch and The Sims and she loves it.
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Jun 29, 2004
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Oil Country
Great keyboard... been using one at work for the past couple of years. BTW, Amazon's put it on sale for $64.99 a bunch of times. Might be worth the wait. It $5 isn't going to make or break you, then the MS deal is pretty good.
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May 11, 2009
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EDIT: never mind, this is amazon renewed... so just a refurb. Didn't notice that initially, quite sneaky

Razer huntsman is $95 right now, was 106 back in April. Full RGB and optical switches, never tried them but heard good things
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Jan 3, 2014
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Thanks, dudes and dudettes. I was looking for a keyboard for a PC build I'm doing, and with the discount Microsoft gift cards from Costco it turned out to be fairly decent. Was good also that I was able to spend some dollars I had on an outstanding Costco gift card. :-)
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Dec 29, 2013
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wahabk1234 wrote: Anyone have thoughts between the HyperX vs this Razer?
From my research the Razer seems a better choice for work and HyperX for gaming


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