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[Microsoft Store] Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Office Bundle 64GB ($429.99 - $150 = $279.99) [Microsoft]

Nov 30, 2020
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CubieJ wrote: My order is still pending but I see a miscellaneous $45 refund? Anyone have any idea what that might be from? I've not ordered anything from the Microsoft store before.

Edit: I received an email that the $45 is a credit to apologize for delays/stock shortage. But it's not a refund, just store credit. Hey, I'll take it.
I got $32 instead of $45, may I know if you're in the GTA? I think it might be because shipping times are delayed differently.
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Mar 12, 2005
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est. delivery date was supposed to be Dec 15th...still waiting...
called a few times, basically telling me it has been escalated, and all I get is an email from a supervisor telling me they "have yet to receive a conclusive update from the escalation team"
how are you guys getting credits? are you asking for them, or they giving them out automatically?
Dec 26, 2010
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Not very hopeful that this deal returns so purchased it from Staples at $350 - $15 coupon. Congratulations to anybody that got it so cheap :)
Dec 26, 2010
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For others that did get the tablet. Any recommendations of things to do as you get the tablet to optimize it (if anything). I am not looking to root the tablet but anything that can extend the battery life, make it faster great. Thanks!
Mar 24, 2016
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it's more than 1 month already and the status is still "pending" :facepalm: ... do you folks think it will be shipped eventually?
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Jul 22, 2014
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lhnnhl wrote: it's more than 1 month already and the status is still "pending" :facepalm: ... do you folks think it will be shipped eventually?
I'm doubting it will ship. I hope to at least get a store credit out of it.
Dec 26, 2017
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Update for the forum (ordered the 64gb that has been 'pending' since Nov. 26th). Here's a part of the email I received from Microsoft after following up 3 times and having my inquiry 'escalated':
We apologize about the delay in getting back with you. We have confirmed from our Supply Chain department that the current estimated time arrival on this Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Office Bundle shipping, and us getting more stock, is the middle of February, though we do not have anything more specific than that.

So maybe mid February...IF they get more stock. They asked if I wanted to cancel; no store credits have been offered. I understand there are supply chain issues due to current events, but the whole lack of communication and transparency from Microsoft is pretty poor customer service. My two cents.
Feb 13, 2016
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Jawkuz wrote: In for one! Was looking for a decent drawing tablet that I could use standalone or with my PC and they all have drawbacks, so I settled on this one. I seriously considered an iPad but a 64 GB Air with a pen is $700, and getting connectivity to use an iPad as a pen display with a PC needs a 30USD/year subscription which is ridiculous. This tablet is about the same price as a 13" pen display and you can download an android app called SuperDisplay to use the S6 lite as a pen display for $10.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... views=true

Saw some reviews with the app and an s6 lite and the performance looks totally usable

In addition, it's starting to look like outside of procreate and affinity the app space for pro-drawing apps is starting to get a little bit better to par and even clip studio was ported to the galaxy store recently and you get it 6 months free with a galaxy product. Performance is also really good.
https://galaxystore.samsung.com/detail/ ... 6c907b595e

Compared to a regular 8th gen iPad with an apple pen this has a better (laminated) display for drawing, the performance is solid with the biggest hardware con being the palm rejection not being perfect--the wacom digitizer and battery-free pen are both really high end as well. plus i can still use my regular android ecosystem of apps, it's much cheaper than a 32 GB iPad with an apple pencil, and the S6 has a MicroSD slot to expand the storage.

Here's a decent review for this tablet from the perspective of using it as a dedicated drawing tablet, which is what I'm looking for. Honest look at the pros and cons, but even since May when this review was posted it looks like some apps have been ported over now.
This just convinced me to buy the tab S7 haha