Mileage Reimbursement for on-site interview

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  • Jun 26th, 2012 9:34 pm
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You should get the logistics clarified. You will be exhausted for the interview if you have to drive 6 hours beforehand. I think it was just a case of no-one thinking through the details clearly.

If she said that they'll cover mileage then I would take it as a rate * kms (which they'll take off google maps or something like that). But, since you don't have a car and need to travel such a long distance, they should be willing to pay for car rental + gas, and an overnight stay at some reasonable accommodation. They may or not reimburse you for dinner.

Have a follow-up conversation with HR. It's very reasonable to clarify these points.
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4seasonscentre wrote: I only had to travel once for an interview and I got my reimbursement at the end of the interview. My dad was like "That's a good sign!". I didn't get the job.
I once had an interview with travel, and the hiring company booked everything (flight, hotel, car.) I showed up using their provided travel only to find that HR booked the wrong day and hiring HR wasn't "expecting" me. Those were the weirdest halfassed "interviews" I've ever been through, random senior dude looking over my resume for the first time ever, asking me random stuff...

I did end up actually getting a job offer out of it, including relocation supplement, but declined since after considering all things I really didn't want to relocate to their particular city.
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Request a travel claim form from HR including mileage rate in $0.xx per km. Companies usually pay all the travel expenses that are considered as "reasonable." Usually they pay the cheapest method.

I have done several on site recently...either drive over 1000 km or travel by air to the nearest major airport, rent a car and drive several hours, stay overnight at a 2.5-3 star hotel, attend interview, drive back, stay overnight at another hotel and fly back the next day. All meals and parking were included. Keep receipts for all travel reimbursements and submit receipts with travel claim (submit original receipts, but keep copies for your out any personal info such as credit card #'s, etc)....usually takes several weeks for reimbursement. Since it was an out of province job interview, I also included out of province travel insurance ($2x.xx).

If you can, have the interview in the middle of the afternoon....allows you to leave at first light (4:30 or 5 am), drive 600 km and attend interview. You may have to stay overnight at a hotel and leave the next morning. If you have an interview in the AM, drive the night before and stay overnight in a home after interview.

If you don't have a car, rent one (I didn't take any insurance offered by the rental car company....I have Roadstar Plus in BC which includes rental car insurance). Pre-book car for best savings (I didn't, but will in the soon as travel plans are firm).