Minecraft for Kids - Help/Advice needed

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  • Jul 31st, 2020 9:01 pm
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May 11, 2005
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Minecraft for Kids - Help/Advice needed

Hi All,

My 7 year old wants to get Minecraft and I wanted to know if it would be suitable for him.

Secondly, what device will be the best to get it on? - PC, Mac or Tablet (iPad).

Thanks all, any advice on this subject will be helpful
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Hi, I just went through this myself. I have a 11 and 9 year old who really got into Minecraft this past year. They've been playing the Education Edition for awhile but from what I understand it's a sandboxed, restrictive version that doesn't have all the features of the full versions.

From what I understand (and from what my kids tell me) there are mainly 2 versions -- Java and Bedrock. The Java version is the original, and mainly runs on PCs, Macs and Linux. The Bedrock version is (from what I've gathered) the version that Microsoft released after they bought Mojang and the rights to Minecraft. The Bedrock version is what is now available on Windows 10, mobile devices and consoles (Xbox, PS4, Switch, etc.)

https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/art ... t-Editions

As for what version is best suited to your child, that really depends. If he's more interested in playing the game with friends across different platforms, then the Bedrock version is the only version that allows him to do that. If he's more into mods and tinkering with servers and skins, etc. then he'll need the Java Edition.

Cost wise, the Java and Bedrock editions are priced comparable on a PC and Mac (I think it's $35CAD vs. $30CAD). However, from what I understand, even though the Bedrock edition is cheaper, it has in-app purchases in the form of a Marketplace and Minecoins that he'll need to buy different skins. Modding is limited in the Bedrock edition. Whereas for the Java Edition, he'll be able to load worlds, create skins, view in Spectator mode, etc.

If you're just looking for the cheapest version to get him into Minecraft, I think the mobile version (Bedrock) would be the cheapest at $6.99.
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:arrowu: I have no interest in mindcraft but that was an awesome post.
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Have kids playing on tablet, pc and consoles.

What devices do you have? Tablets, PCs, Consoles??

Can share tablet versions among family and PC version is great as well. The console version as mentioned above is great for playing with friends.
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