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Minimum fan runtime on ecobee

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  • Jul 11th, 2020 7:55 pm
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Jan 27, 2004
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Minimum fan runtime on ecobee

what do people have their minimum fan runtime set to? or what is the rule?
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Sep 21, 2005
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There is no rule. It is up to your personal preference. Circulating air is to get a more even temperature in your house. You can set at 50% and adjust up or down.
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Jul 22, 2019
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I leave Fan always on. Supposedly save energy, better circulation and temperature stable, and it’s just a fan so the motor is ok running all the time.

Who knows. 50% say on other half day off.
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Feb 4, 2015
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If have ECM or DC motor then should not be any huge spike in hydro bill so suggest 24/7.

Else at least 20 mins/hour but I think the wear and tear of it turning off/on may be more harmful then keeping it on 24/7 or only when call for heat or ac.
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