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Minisplit Heat Pump/AC versus Natural Gas Heat/AC

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  • Sep 16th, 2021 12:51 pm
Dec 17, 2011
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Minisplit Heat Pump/AC versus Natural Gas Heat/AC

Hi Guys,

Need to decide whether to go with a minisplit heat + AC or get duct work and get natural gas heating and AC?

Appreciate the help!
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Dec 19, 2015
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Calgary, AB
Are you doing it for environmental or financial reasons?

What's your usage and energy prices? Have you estimated the price difference from usage already? Would you be able to turn off your gas entirely (saving fixed charges) if you get a HP?

Any particular reason for minisplit over ducted? IIRC ducted HP are cheaper if your existing ducting can be used without much modification.
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Dec 6, 2020
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Are you planning to replace your entire existing heating system or are you just looking to add AC in addition to a boiler + radiators system?

If you're replacing your entire heating system, go with gas heat and AC, or, alternatively, a gas furnace and a heat pump. Minisplits are great, but they're not good enough to be your sole source of heat in Ottawa's climate.

If you're adding AC to an existing hydronic heating system, get the minisplits.