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Nov 13, 2006
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Going back for a year of undergrad and then 2 years of MMPA is a long journey.

You have to ask yourself why do you want to be a CA, how much are you in debt now, what are you currently doing, and can you make a transition into another job that will leave you happy in 3 years?

I don't have time to write an essay, but if you are having trouble getting a job or launching/choosing a career, you must understand that there are employment opportunities in life other than the CA path.

Spend some time on LinkedIn reading random people's profiles and learn about the different fields in other areas. There are a gazillion fields out there, but unfortunately on RFD and in our social circles we only hear about CA, CMA, CGA, med school, engineer, consultant, and ibanker. Be careful about being in the bubble.

And don't worry about getting into the big 4. Everyone that really wants to get into big 4 will get it after graduation or a year after.