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pixel 6 pro $741 with TMS

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  • Jan 5th, 2022 2:07 pm
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Nov 4, 2015
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StatsGuy wrote: or just realize telecom is capital intensive business and nowhere in the world has more than a few big companies. Also, the big3 pay tens of billions every few years to the gov't/citizens to buy spectrum in auction. there's nothing preventing entrants, it's just a capital intensive business, expensive to build up and hard to sign up new customers

we've had clearnet, fido, freedom and endless others...the gov't didnt' stop them..even gave them spectrum at fraction of the cost (Basically taxpayers subsidizing the new entrants) but it just doesn't make economic sense

unless we do a state owned company (definitey not in favour of that), our market supports no more than the big 3 and some other regional ones and wireless prices keep falling so that's great and we get tens of billions from the telcos. I mean back in 2008/2009, it was $50 for 6gb and local...now i pay $50 for 20gb ultd and way faster and canada wide etc
What about Australia? Large country with a lot of empty space and a similar population, but significantly cheaper data.

The last plan I had there in 2019 was $20 (taxes included) for 25 GB AND you could roll forward up to 50-100 unused GB.
Fido ($35/4GB for 24 months + $0/4GB for 24 months)
Sep 18, 2011
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Just curious why this is $1,381 for 128 GB model while the google store has them for $1,179 for the same one?
Mar 14, 2017
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Statsguy is delusional...remember when Verizon was thinking of expanding into Canada and the big 3 ran a media blitz about "protecting Canadian jobs", LOL if that isn't collusion I don't know what is. They were terrified of having a real competitor
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Jun 20, 2020
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corwal wrote: Statsguy is delusional...remember when Verizon was thinking of expanding into Canada and the big 3 ran a media blitz about "protecting Canadian jobs", LOL if that isn't collusion I don't know what is. They were terrified of having a real competitor
Verizon lost interest in expanding into Canada

June 2013, Verizon confirms it is weighing expansion into Canada

Verizon’s CFO confirmed to the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that the company is in the preliminary stages of weighing entry into the Canadian market.

August 2013, Verizon delays potential acquisitions of Wind, Mobilicity

Verizon Communications will focus on deciding whether to participate in the upcoming government auction of wireless spectrum, taking place in January, 2014, rather than immediately push to purchase Wind Mobile and Mobilicity, sources say.

September 2013, Verizon not interested in expanding into Canada, CEO says

In the wake of announcing one of the biggest deals in corporate history, the chief executive of Verizon Communications said Monday that his company is no longer interested in entering the Canadian market
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Jan 23, 2004
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StatsGuy wrote:
Your "competition" is not that at all, mvno aren't competition, they're not building anything.

Teksavvy is 100x worse than the big telcos and just a big scam and just all about talk but zero actual network building

Our prices are so much cheaper than the states

Zoomer is $38/mth for 6gig, free phone, $100 credit. I'm paying $50 for 20gb on Telus with $15/mth for pixel 6.

And then there's the garbage tier like freedom with their $35 for 15gb or whatever it is they're pedaling these days

As you pointed out, history has shown again and again we can support only 3-4 national players and this is evident even in US with 10x population or even in Asia etc..all new entrants just get bought out because we are in a free market. Why shouldn't new entrants make money for their owners? No different than big 3

We gave billions to wind in free spectrum and they just milked it and made business decision to sell themselves instead of spending money to build a network

As you say, Fido is like $40 for 12gb... That's like getting $28 USD on Verizon/at&t network. Try getting those prices in states
lorax1284 wrote:
Well, you don't deny they gouge and abuse customers, I'll give you that.

Mr. Capitalism, you neglect to address the fact that the incumbents built out their networks at a time WITHOUT the same regulation, ripping off generations of Canadian consumers to get where they are, and today still continue to game the system against new entrants, there are anti-foreign ownership rules that I do agree with BUT also limit the POSSIBILITY of investment, so to foster ACTUAL competition, a different kind of regulation than is currently in place must be enacted.

You answer problems with questions, you don't provide answers, but I don't expect you to, I expect the CRTC to not be led by the nose to enact anti-consumer policies, but suggesting the corporations are acting in good faith and fairly and treat consumers respectively is the absolutely large load of bullcocky on RFD in some time. This is a pro-consumer site, not a pro multi-billion-dollar-corporations who construct their businesses and policies to confuse and gouge customers. These companies have the best computer systems ON THE PLANET and yet it's impossible to get things done.

And PLEASE, if you can, explain the ethics of "round up to the full minute" billing ("Oh but everything's unlimited!" No it's not, there are plenty of people on pay as you go plans) with ANYTHING other than "If you don't like it, don't have a modestly priced cell phone plan, be gouged to pay for capacity you don't need or use." When I read your posts, I can only assume you either are a relatively highly-placed telecomm executive, total-pro-unrestricted-capitalism zombie, have the bulk of your retirement portfolio in telecomm stocks, or something else. I'm not convinced.
I hold a good amount of RCI.B stock, I go through the reports annually and the profits of these guys and the banking industries are up year after year while subscription based is quite "flat". When there is little growth yet revenue keeps increasing, where do you think the money comes from?

The intention of MVNO and TPIA is to encourage competitions, increase choices without the redundancies of infrastructure. CRTC mandated the telco to offer wholesale rate to third party, and this information is public. Little did I know the wholesale rate for cable Internet 75-100 is $28.xx in 2019, guess how much everyone is charging for that? There are also additional onboarding fees and capacity fees for the ISPs of course. Rogers and Shaw for example, advertising their Internet 75 prices near the wholesale price, often after bill credits to undercut the ISPs.

There is no "competition" in the telecommunication market, the big boys just collude or eating out the smaller players like Mobilicity, Clearnet, Fido and Wind. Here are a few things they changed outside of the wireless codes that are non-consumer friendly:
- 6 seconds billing becomes per min billing
- SIM/e-SIM fees, free to $10-$15
- 911 fees !!!
- Activation fees, annual increase to $50 currently for in store activation
- Shipping fees for online activation
- Increased roaming and other incidentals, data rate @ $130/GB
- Inflated device costs, offset by bill credits
- Flat early termination fees becomes monthly termination fees or cost of the device
- Increased monthly costs to be eligible for device subsidies (ie $45+ in 2021)

The positives that I've seen happened lately:
- roaming agreement between Rogers/Telus
- Rogers LTE speed up to 100M while Telus/Bell is over 150M

Increased data transmission costs is insignificant in modern days, it costs nearly the same to serve 1GB to 10GB; yet they charge charge exponentially for more data. On the same token, giving you more speed also mean you go through your data quickly. I have never spent more than 50% of my 6GB data allotment, yet I am paying for 6GB with no rollover options.

Before you say we subsidize the spectrum for Freedom, it's all our government's trying to make money. Who determines the price of set air wave? The Big 3 owns majority of the air waves and the spectrum owned by Freedom is duplication of what the others don't want or already have. I speculate if Rogers do buy out Shaw (Freedom), Shaw will have to split the mobile and cable business at the request of the competition bureau. Rogers will likely absorb Shaw's cable business and Videotron will try to snatch the mobile business for the west coast.

Telus was the first to increased the activation fee from $45 to $50, then everyone followed, then they subsequently crediting them because people complained. I really dislike this tip-toeing, they are trying to test how much resistant consumers would give before making it permanent.