Mobile Trading Platform Recommendations

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Sep 12, 2006
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Mobile Trading Platform Recommendations

Hi All,

I have transitioned to mobile only trading as I can't be stationary and I am looking for recommendations for a suitable platform to use on IPHONE.
Below is a breakdown of the Platforms i have tried with Pros and Cons. Currently on IBKR but curious if there is something more suitable for my needs.
I am looking for the following: Level 1, Pre Market / After Hours, OTC and Options support, Great reliable charts with studies.
Please advise. Thank you !!!

Wealth Trade:
Pros: Easy to use, Free trades, Decent for buy and Hold long term investment.
Cons: No indicators or candles , No OTC, No PM / PM, No Options. No live Market Data.

Pros: Decent live support
Cons: Expensive fee per trade, charts suck and cant customize to 1M:1H, Super Slow to load the app is a non starter for me.

Pros: Great Level 1 packages for Commons, OTC and Options, Fairly priced, quick to load on Iphone, easy to place trades.
Cons: the charts are Garbage and inaccurate.
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Jan 6, 2015
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For your requirement, Wealthsimple is out.
I wondering why you need good chart in moblie, so many other software/web around there.
I right now use three platforms for different purpose, too hard to find one fits all.
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Jan 17, 2009
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Canada doesn't really have what you're looking about.

WST has the best functioning/looking app, but is lacking in some key features especially if you trade any US stocks... Personally I use WST and Yahoo Finance app to track the live prices. WST is annoying because of the 15min delay, but I just use limit buy/sell and adjust price based on yahoo finance. QT is good for USD stocks.

Hopefully we can get more competition in Canada for these apps as traditional banks start realizing how much profit is to be made off retail investors.