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Modern house builds, cost effective or no?

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  • Sep 2nd, 2019 11:07 pm
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Dec 28, 2010
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Modern house builds, cost effective or no?

Zero knowledge of constriction so be gentle :)

Looking at all these tv shows "extraordinary houses " and then also some noticing intresting rebuilds - lofts, old chruch renos etc in GTA.

- is it cost effective to build traditional way i.e wood , framing ? Or thats what most people know.

- How about building with concrete and keeping it barebones to give it that loft like modern feel? The HVAC ,electrical all visible ...

Also, noticed how fast they build those multi-storied condos. All concrete and with glass etc..

A boxy house , open concept built with concrete is what I am imagining and then spending on furnishing , lights, kitchen and not so expensive art work or I guess concrete can be painted or wall papered. Would it be super expensive ? Even glass now comes in so many advanced forms and is used from stairs to doors, floor to wall etc..So it might be cheaper to build this way .
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Aug 2, 2001
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Concrete is significantly more expensive than wood to purchase and install. Wood is very easy to work with, forgiving, and requires little special skill (for framing). Concrete is in tall buildings for strength, fire resistance and sound proofing (among other things) - a typical house does not have a need for these so the extra cost is not worthwhile.