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At which months does winter jackets go on sale?

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  • Sep 21st, 2021 12:18 pm
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Aug 27, 2012
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At which months does winter jackets go on sale?

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Feb 7, 2017
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No matter the Season … Clothing goes in waves …

For Winter Clothing it all begins with PRE SEASON / LAUNCH in August & September

Sales cycles tend to follow American Holidays … so first money off sales Labour Day

Next up … Columbus Day (corresponds to Cdn Thanksgiving) again not a large % discount …

November … you got Black Friday
This is the big one if you haven’t gotten something already
This is also when the big in demand stuff sells out … if that didn’t happen in the 12 weeks since stuff hit the store shelves

By December … slimmer pickings on Winter Gear
And sales are so-so

But … come January 2nd pretty much anything left on the shelves goes on sale
Big event here is Washington’s Birthday (3rd Monday)
By then things are into big mark downs

And a month later … by MLK Day / Family Day in Canada
Slim pickings for sure
Anything left is on CLEARANCE

As Cruisewear, Spring & Summer Apparel begins to hit the shelves
Jul 18, 2018
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Black Friday(US) has always been the cheapest of the year. I have been monitoring prices for winter wear for the past 5 years. Everything that I have bought on BFD for myself , family or for gifting has been the cheapest of the year.

BFD(CA), boxing day, and end of winter has always been hit or a miss.
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Oct 2, 2018
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Sales will come in January to clear out room, February summer stock starts to come in.
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Apr 10, 2017
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Any month. I literally just got a new one last week
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Jul 4, 2006
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And see what you can do about manufacturing your own sale thru discounts for email sign ups or gift cards.