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Mortgage rate at switchover - variable to fixed before 5-year term is up

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  • Oct 9th, 2020 4:41 pm

Poll: Fixed or variable?

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Fixed (1.87%; 2020-2025)
Variable (1.75%; 2020-2023ish) then switch to Fixed (2023ish to 2028)

Poll ended at Oct 28th, 2020 7:53 pm

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Mortgage rate at switchover - variable to fixed before 5-year term is up

For those of you who switched out of your variable term before it ended, into a fixed rate:
What fixed rate did you switch into, and what was the publicly posted rate?
I'm leaning towards a variable mortgage while rates are low, then switching into a fixed term when rates go up.

This will be with RBC. With them there will not be penalties to switch into fixed (no three-month penalty, no nothing).
But I'm aware that I may be at the mercy of their publicly posted rates.

For contrast, the unadvertised variable rate is 1.75%, unadvertised fixed is 1.87%. The posted fixed rate is 4.79%.
Another consideration: rates could be lower in 2023 than in 2025.

Hypothetical scenario 1:
2020: variable
2021: variable
2022: variable
2023: switch to fixed
2023-2028: fixed

Scenario 2:
2020-2025: fixed

Term is 5-year closed for all mortgages.
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Both pretty crummy rates. Depending on your mortgage statement size, whether it's insured or not, original purchase price you should be able to get around 1.65% variable or 1.6-1.8% fixed. Reach out to a broker (I am not one)