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Mortgage refinance debt calculations

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  • Jul 10th, 2020 3:00 pm
Mar 29, 2019
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Mortgage refinance debt calculations

Quick question for all mortgage experts out there -

If I am refinancing my current mortgage to consolidate debt (say 45k, $30 in Loc/CC, and student loans). my home value is 700k and balance on mortgage is 500k, therefore 80% of value = 560k, and I can get 60k out.

When they calculate my affordability and do the GDS TDS ratios, would they factor my future situation for GDS (560k mortgage payment/month + tax + heat) and TDS (GDS + debt ($0 now)). Can someone confirm?

Does the bank pay the cards or they give me the cash to pay it then? Looking at RBC and CIBC.

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Sep 19, 2013
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You can get better answer if you put this in real estate forum I believe.
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Jul 10, 2020
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@ss2020 I'm just seeing this now as I've just set up notifications. I hope you've recieved an answer to this question already.

To answer your question, yes your future situation is factored in when determining whether you will be approved for your consolidation refinance.