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Moto phones in Mexico - good deal?

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Dec 20, 2011
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Moto phones in Mexico - good deal?

I'm enroute to Machu Picchu and had a 3 hour layover on Mexico city airport. I saw these UNLOCKED Moto phones for sale but the internet access here is beyond $hitty so I am hoping the collective wisdom of RFD can help me out with some info.

Are any of these worth being called a Hot Deal price wise?

And why is the G6 play more expensive than the G7 Play? That makes no sense.

Moto G7 Plus 7000 pesos
Moto G7 6000 pesos
Moto G7 Power 5000 pesos
Moto G7 Play 3500 pesos
Moto G6 Play 4000 pesos
Moto E5 Plus 3000 pesos
Motorola One 5000 pesos

Ok math is hard for me but I think it's 13.5 pesos to one Canadian dollar.

So 1000 pesos equals 74 $ cad.

7k pesos = $518
6k = $444
5k = $370
4k = $296
3k = $222

I'm not sure about taxes and then there's my stupid credit card dinging me on the foreign exchange fee.

Still maybe one of these is a great deal.

I'm looking for 4G Ram min, SD card and an AMAZING camera. They all have great batteries so that's a moot point. The Play series is probably out as I think their cameras are crappy.

The Motorola One, G7 and G7 Power seem to be the best deals so far. The G7 plus seems too expensive.

Do any of these fit the bill of being a hot or good deal? Can I get any of these in Canada or online delivered to Canada cheaper?

Will they all work with Canadian and Greek mobile networks? (moving to Greece later this year)

Sorry to ask you guys this but I don't have any internet to speak of to do my research and I need to know these things before I return to Mexico city airport again in a few days.

I took a pic and will do my best to get it uploaded with this post.
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Dec 20, 2011
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How do I upload a photo? It only gives me the option to share image URL - I want to share the photo from my phone not post it somewhere else and get an url.

I'm clicking the photo icon where you create a new post. I don't get how other people share photos on here. Help please!
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Feb 10, 2004
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Doesn't seem like great deals. Seems you can get it cheaper from Amazon Canada for the same unlocked international versions. I actually just picked up the G7 Power from them the other day for the wife.

G7 Power - $294+tax
G7 - $334+tax
G7 Plus - $410+tax