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Multi use air pump?

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  • Jun 27th, 2016 4:28 pm
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Nov 26, 2008
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Multi use air pump?

I'am probably over complicating this matter and that's why I am here.

I am looking for recommendations on a multiuse air pump for my daughters inflatable toys, pools, bike tires, etc etc.

I also own a nicer bike with the Presto valve and my tires are rated for 100 PSI.

I figure instead of riding to my neighbours a few times a summer to pump my tires up or heading to borrow a different neighbours 120v Coleman air pump- I should just splurge on a nice quality small pancake compressor and massive universal kit.

It's frustrating because I could find 4-5 different sizes and want to know if anyone has some good input.
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Oct 9, 2010
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Why not just get a floor pump? They go from 0-150ish. You can buy them everywhere, they're cheap as hell, and typically fill both presta (bikes that are light, or trying to be), schraeder (like on you car), needle (for filling basketballs, etc), and venturi (for filling inflatable toys).

I have one of these, and it works well enough: http://www.topeak.com/products/Pumps/JoeBlowSport

If you look close at the filling end, there is a grey side (presta), and a black side (schraeder). Depending on which direction you push that lever, it puts air through that side. As well, if you look JUST behind the gauge @ the base, you'll see there is a needle for balls, and yellow nipple thing for pool toys.

Basically every pump that looks anything like this thing would have the same features.

Edit: In a pinch, you can get a few PSI into a car tire to get you to the gas station. For my car's 235/45 R17 tires, it's about 150 pumps (when it gets that high, counting is the only thing that keeps you sane) to go from fully flat to 34 PSI. In a bike, it's like 15-25 pumps to get to required pressure.
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Nov 12, 2006
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bostonontario wrote: I should just splurge on a nice quality small pancake compressor and massive universal kit.
I definitely think you have the right idea, over just a pump.
I'd be lost without mine, and think every homeowner should have one.

If it is handy, you'll use it for other things too, such as blowing dirt/dust off (out of) things.
You can't do that with a pump.

In addition to the pancake, there is also the "torpedo" style.
I'm sure you can find something you like at Canadian Tire, Princess Auto etc., but I don't have any advice on specifics.
Watch Princess for sales on quick connectors and accessory kits.