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Week of 17th of March to 23rd of March grocery roundup (QUEBEC)

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  • Mar 17th, 2022 1:50 pm
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Oct 27, 2009
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Week of 17th of March to 23rd of March grocery roundup (QUEBEC)

March 23, 2022
1.00 Pineapple, ALL TIME LOW
2.49/lb Porkloin chops, [email protected]
0.92 Clover Leaf tuna cans
3.99 Saputo cheese 500g
1.99 Asparagus
5.99 Oranges 8lb
1.99 Cantaloupe
0.99 Oasis juice, [email protected]
1.35 Lactantia spread
0.99 English cucumber, [email protected]
1.99 Kellogg's Nutri grain bars

3.74/lb Extra-lean ground beed, YAY
6.99/lb Wing/t-bone steak
1.88 Potatoes 10lb
2/3.78 Raspberries
2.99 Peaches/Kiwi 2lb
0.99/lb Tomatoes, [email protected]/Walmart
1.99/lb Bell peppers, [email protected]
3.99 Aurora olive oil 750ml
5.99 Flamingo nuggets/strips 680-800g
0.94 Le Sieur/Greent giant veggie cans
1.74 Maxi-Fruits/Whippet snacks
0.99 Catelli pasta
0.94 Cedar bean cans
1.29 Natura soy/rice milk 946ml
1.49 Lactantia spread, [email protected]
Lafleur wieners BOGO
[email protected]:

1.49 Bagels 4 units
1.49 Primo Lasagna pasta 375-500g
5.99 Lafleur Hot dog sausages 375-450g (2 packs)
3.99 Ziplock 90 units minus $3 coupon
save-3-any-ziploc-brand-bags-containers ... 2-2490367/

4.49/lb French roast
1.99/lb Porkloin chops
1.49/lb Red grapes
1.49 Blackberries
0.99 English cucumbers, [email protected]
0.99/lb tomatoes, [email protected] C/Walmart
Pepsi/Coke/Lay's/Tostitos, BOGO
Oasis/Del Monte, BOGO

0.59 PC sparkling water 1L
3.49/lb Medium ground beef, [email protected] C for Extra-lean
1.99/lb Chicken drumsticks/legs, legs [email protected]
3.99/lb Boneless blade roast
0.99 Oasis/Del Monte, [email protected]
2/6.00 Pepsi/Coke 6x710ml

2/3.88 Blueberries
1.99 Boston lettuce 2pack
0.99 Large mango
0.77 Selection veggie cans
2.44 Selection cookies family size
3.97 Jif PB 1kg

0.98 Radish
0.99/lb Roma tomatoes
1.79/lb Whole chicken
0.99 Adonis bean cans

0.99/lb Tomatoes/Eggplants/Squash
0.99 Kraft salad dressing, [email protected]
1.69/lb Red grapes, [email protected]
1.49 Broccoli
1.49 Mini sweet peppers
10/3.99 Oranges

Marche PA :
2/4.00 Blueberries, [email protected]
0.99/lb Red bell peppers
2/4.00 Jumbo Pineapple
0.99 Lebanese cucumber pack
0.79 Primo bean cans 540ml
2/5.00 Tropicana OJ 1.54L, ALL TIME LOW
0.99 Kraft salad dressing, [email protected]
1.49/lb Chicken legs
0.79/lb Sweet potatoes

0.94/lb Tomatoes, [email protected] C/IGA
2.77/lb POrk side ribs
2.47 Nestle water 24pack
9.77 Five Roses flour 10kg
0.97/lb Gala apples
0.97/lb Oranges

KIM PHAT : KIMing soon

Good sale. Some notables such as pineapples for 1$ and Tropicana OJ for 2/5$.
Note : This thread usually goes online at 5:00am on Wednesday. Walmart and Kim Phat usually have their flyers online on Thursday and will be updated accordingly.
Link to last week : 10th to 16th of March
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Always looking forward to my favorite post of the week :)