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Week of 27th of May to 2nd of June grocery round up (QUEBEC)

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  • May 27th, 2021 9:44 pm
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Week of 27th of May to 2nd of June grocery round up (QUEBEC)

June 2, 2021
Week of 27th of May to 2nd of June grocery round up (QUEBEC)

Potatoes 10 lb 2.48
Chicken thighs or drums 1.88/lb
Aylmer tomato cans 5/2
Coke/Pepsi 6x710ml 2.48
Double Fruit jam 2.98
La Cage wings 6.77
Boston lettuce 2pack 1.98
Cherries 3.98/lb ([email protected])
Water melon 3.98 ([email protected] C)
Oranges 3lb 3

Irresistibles shimps/scallops 5.99
Beef tenderloin 9.99/lb
Mere Michel Bacon 375g 3/9.99 ([email protected])
Selection pasta/tomato can 0.99
Chicken thighs or drums 1.99/lb (1.88/[email protected])
Oreo/Chips Ahoy cookies 2/3.88
Selection butter 3/3.98
Cracker barrel cheese 4.97
Pineapple 1.99
Bartlett pears 0.99/lb
Potatoes 3lb .89
Cauliflower 1.99
Onions/carrots 3lb 1.99
Irresistibles chips 0.99
Water melon 3.77
Tomatoes/eggplant/ginger 0.99/lb ([email protected])
Natura soy drink 3/5
Five Roses/Gold T flour 10kg 8.77
Cedar jasmine rice 8kg 11.99
McCain fries 300g 1
Delissio pizza 4.99
Post/GM misc cereal 2.99
English cucumber 0.99 ([email protected])
Papaya 0.99/lb
Sweet potatoes 0.99/lb
Plantain 0.79/lb

Flamingo chicken strips 5.99
Medium ground beef 2.69/lb
Tomatoes 0.99/lb ([email protected])
English cucumber 0.99 ([email protected] C)
Petit QC cheese 3.97
Heinz ketchup 1L 2.97
Bell peppers 1.99/lb ([email protected])
Celebration cookies 1.88
Kraft bbq sauce/salad dres 0.99
Compliments misc cans 0.99
Kellogg’s/GM misc cereal 2.99

Medium ground beef 2.99/lb (2.69/[email protected])
Chicken thighs/drums 1.99/lb ([email protected])
Cherries 3.49/lb
Porkloin chops 1.99/lb
Cottonelle TP 72pack 9.99 Optimum
BOGO Coke mini bottles and Pringles

Chicken breasts 3.99/lb
Boneless porkloin roast 2.99/lb
GM family size cereal 3.99
Jamieson misc vitamins 50% OFF
Classico pasta sauce 1.99
Philadelphia cr cheese 2.99
Cherries 3.99/lb ([email protected])
Bell peppers 1.99/lb ([email protected])
X-large pizza to go 9.99
Selection OJ 2.5L 3.49

Tomatoes 0.67/lb
Mere Michel Bacon 2.97
Persil 96loads 13.77
Gain 96loads 11.97
Giuseppe pizza 3.88
Post misc cereal 2.97
Bull’s eye/Diana BBQ sauce 1.77
KD dinner 5/5

Lobster 8.87/lb
Spencer steak 6.87/lb
Cauliflower 1.99
Romaine hearts 3pack 1.99
Strawberries 2/4
Tomatoes 0.79/lb ([email protected])
Oasis juice 0.97
Broccoli 3/5

Silk almond milk 1.89L 0.99 WOW
Boursin spread 1.99
Pork chops 1.99/lb Fri-Sun
Pineapple 2/5 Fri-Sun
Taiwan Cabbage 0.59/lb Fri-Sun
Iceberg Lettuce 0.99 Fri-Sun
Broccoli crown 0.69/lb Fri-Sun
Table salt 1kg 0.69

Good variety at Super C, lobster prices are up again but still good at Adonis. Reminder that outdoor gatherings up to 8 person starting this Friday and no more curfew.

Link to last week : week-20th-may-26th-may-grocery-round-up ... #p34493320
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