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Week of 30th of June to 6th of July grocery round up (QUEBEC)

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Week of 30th of June to 6th of July grocery round up (QUEBEC)

July 6, 2022
10.88/lb Fillet mignon, 30th-1st only
1.00/lb Red grapes
2/1.00 Aylmer soup cans
2.00 Oasis Premium juice/Black Diamond slices 22pack
4/5.00 Coke/Pepsi 2L
4.49 Petit QC cheese, [email protected]/Provigo/Adonis/Walmart
6.77 Fleecy/Tide +-3.4L
1.00/lb Roma Tomatoes
2.00 Sealtest sour cream 500ml
16.00 PC TP 100pack
1.00 Potatoes 3lb
1.00 No Name broth 900ml/Tuna can
1.00 Hunt’s tomato sauce 680ml
2.00 Cordon Bleu meatballs/stew

7.77/lb T-Bone steak/roast
1.97 Potatoes 10lb
1.77 Rasp/Blackberries
0.99/lb Green beans
1.77 Pineapple
3.97 Selection butter
1.99 Boston lettuce 2pack
7.77 Sponge Towel Ultra 12pack equivalent
2/4.00 Selection/Hygrade wieners
2.44 Parlour ice cream
5.47 Cracker Barrel cheese
8.77 Flamingo wings
8.00 Jamaican patties 20pack
5.99 Mike’s pizza
FREE Selection Dijon mustard, App
0.99 Selection tomato cans
0.99 Misc lettuce, [email protected] Phat
1.99 Broccoli
9.99 KD dinner 12pack, [email protected]
0.99 Selection chips

1.29/lb Chicken legs
2.99/lb Medium ground beef
3.74/lb Cherries
4.94 Large watermelon
3.99 Ben&Jerry’s/Magnum/Chagnon ice cream
4.44 Petit QC cheese, [email protected]/Provigo/Adonis/Walmart
0.99 Iceberg lettuce, [email protected]/Moure/PA
4.44 Simply OJ 2.63L, Air miles
3.97 Scotties tissue 6pack, Air miles
2.99 Misc Kellogg’s cereal
Save 40$ on purchase of 3 4L wine boxes

9.99 Falimgo wings, bonus 2000PCO
6.99 Blueberries 907g, bonus 1000PCO
3.49/lb Lean ground beef
2/6.00 Tropicana OJ 1.54L+
4.49 Petit QC cheese, [email protected]/IGA/Adonis
3.49 Kraft Singles 22pack
0.99 Oasis juice
2.99 Misc Post cereal
5.44 Delissio pizza
0.99 La Parisienne Javel 1.27L

4.99 Watermelon 11lb, [email protected]
3/5.00 Mushrooms
0.99 Iceberg lettuce, [email protected]/Moure/PA
2/4.88 Selection eggs 12pack
1.97 Selection pasta sauce
4.44 Drumstick/Nestle ice cream
3/3.33 Irresistibles chips

2/4.00 Romaine hearts 3pack
6/2.99 Corn
3.77/lb Extra lean ground beef
4.44 Petit QC cheese, [email protected]/IGA/Provigo/Walmart

0.99 Iceberg lettuce, [email protected]/Metro/PA
1.99 Romaine hearts 3pack, [email protected]
2/5.00 Strawberries
0.87 Romaine lettuce, [email protected]
2.67 Potatoes 10lb, [email protected] C
2.99 Onions 5lb
0.99/lb Bartlett/Bosc pears

Marche PA :
2/0.99 Romaine lettuce
0.99/lb Forelle pears
5.99 Ataulfo mango box 10pack
0.99/lb Black grapes
2.99 Chapman’s ice cream, Go Canada!
0.99 Iceberg lettuce, [email protected]/Metro/Moure

3.87 Watermelon 11lb
3.47 Mere Michel bacon 375g
4.97 Nutella 725g
4.44 Petit QC cheese, [email protected] Maxi/IGA/Provigo/Adonis
3.97 Heinz condiments 3pack
0.87 Crest/Colgate toothpaste
9.88 KD dinner 12pack, [email protected] C
165.00 Artic King chest freezer 3.5cf

0.79/lb Bok Choy
5.49 Cracker Barrel cheese
2.29/lb Pork shoulder
1.49/lb Chicken legs, [email protected]
2/1.00 Green lettuce/English cucumbers
1.99 Celery/Cauliflower
1.29/lb Tomatoes

Good sale overall for Canada day. Nice to see some prices are going down (Potatoes, romaine etc)
Note : This thread usually goes online at 5:00am on Wednesday. Walmart and Kim Phat usually have their flyers online on Thursday and will be updated accordingly.
Link to last week : 23rd to 29th
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Every week like clockwork
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Thank you! Last week unsaved $60 grace à toi! 4 tomahawk steaks.
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Updated with Kim Phat.
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