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[->MUST READ!!<-] HUGE UPDATE!! SCAMMER ALERT: NightStrlker & Heartless08 WITH PIC

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  • Oct 6th, 2010 7:28 pm
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Nov 22, 2008
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Good job.

I like to see justice gets served.

Some people might say that you were too harsh, but I don't think so. The kid was raking up bad karma for his stunt and probably had done other scams in the past. He wasted your time and showing up meant that he had all the intention to do you wrong. He had the intention of carrying it out and he should be taught a lesson. You get them where it hurts and that is their monetary possessions/values. Hey, you did give him a chance to just compensate you for your transportation cost, but he didn't or was too stupid to take it. But your time was wasted dealing with this trash and you can't get that back. I was scammed twice off of craigslists on two separate occasions when I was younger and as a result I am more careful when making deals with people. You live and learn.

Hopefully, that kid learned something from this. I really doubt that he would stop, but he should remember that karma does come around. And if he is reading this with a new username, I repeat, karma does come around.
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Feb 18, 2006
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jordanr1987 wrote: night strlker offered a psp
OP puts ad up to trade psp for wii
then heartless08 (erik) offered a wii to trade for psp
heartless08 agrees to meets at scarborough town center
night strlker urges op to go downtown
heartless also says go downtown instead of scarborough
then heartless08 says his name is jake
and heartless08 says 'i can deliver psp' but heartless was supposed to bring wii

op's journey downtown takes 1.5 hours both ways and hes been there from 430pm and got home at 1130pm

wouldn't you want to be compensated for someone wasting almost an entire day? for something so stupid as well?
OP had the chance to walk away from the deal at any point.. No One held him at gunpoint and made him stay.
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Jul 14, 2006
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jvaf wrote: OP had the chance to walk away from the deal at any point.. No One held him at gunpoint and made him stay.

Back from a long trip to merry ol' England

Don't mean to revive an old thread, but I would like to reply to this post.

Sure, no one held me to gun point, but I was already fuming at the amount of time the idiot has rinsed out of my day. I had to take a bus and 3 trains (each way) to meet up with him. All I wanted was my bus fare and I would have just put all this behind me (except for a thread here on RFD about it). But, he was being a jack@ss about it, so I decided to be strict about it rather than be pushed around by some 5'5" skinny little asian dude. (I WAS concerned that he might be a ninja...but alas that was not so)...

Glad you guys enjoyed the story though lol.

Thanks to mpatel for his kind comments, jacobe and jordanr1987 for simplifying it for me. :)