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My Bell Mobility Chat tonight - No good Plans these dayss?

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My Bell Mobility Chat tonight - No good Plans these dayss?

Bell: Welcome to chat. Let’s connect you
with a live agent. To start, could you tell us
your name?

You: John

Murali: Hello, thanks for visiting bell.ca.
How may I provide you with excellent
service today?

You: I am trying to figure out a plan for 3
phones and 2 tablets. I was in a Bell Store
earlier today.

Murali: You have reached the right place
and I will help you find the best plan that
suits your requirement.

Murali: Could you tell me which Province
you need the service in?

You: Ontario

Murali: Great

Murali: Please let me know what services
you have from Bell, if any.

You: TV and Bell Mobility

Murali: Please provide your complete
address to retrieve your account.

You: "Gave my address to them"

Murali: Thank you

Murali: Could you please tell me how much
data do you need per line?

You: 20GB

Murali: Perfect.

Murali: YOu will be using tablet with wifi
and don't need special data plans for tablet,

You: No we have 2 ipads that have cellular
built in but have not put them on the
network so far.

Murali: All right.

Murali: May I have your fiull name and
phone number linked to Bell account?

Murali: Or Bell account number would also

Murali: Please provide our fiull name and
phone number

You: "Gave them the name and phone number"

Murali: Thank you

Murali: Will 1 GB per tablet be enough or
you need more data?

You: I don't like the idea of 1GB on the
tablet. It should share into the 20GB per
phone or something like that. Rogers
Infinite plan does that.

Murali: All right. Let me get you a fine
package as you expect.

Murali: The package costs you $275 plus
taxes a month $75 for the 20 GB non share
phone plan * 2 lines, $105 for the 20 GB
shareable phone plan * 1 line and $10 for
the tablet plan * 2)

Murali: This price is before the offers

Murali: As a welcome offer, I can get you
$20\month discount on the total monthly

Murali: Also, as you're signing up today I
can get one month free plan for all the 3
phone lines.

You: So that is 2 Plans at $75 each for
20GB with their own data. Then 1 phone at
20GB shareable at $105 that the 2 tablets
will also use from? $10 x 2 for the tablet

Murali: Yes. You're right.

Murali: A one time activation fee of $45 per
line will be reflected on first month bill. But
Bell will credit back the activation fee of 3
phone lines back to you in 2nd or 3rd month

You: Just to recap the $275 you would also
apply the 2nd and 3rd line credits to total of
$20 ($10 each) so it would be $255 pretax?

Murali: Absolutely

Murali: Shall we go ahead and place the
order to grab this deal?

You: Hmm. I believe in getting better value
and/or better pricing every 2 years go by.
Right now the plan is $250 per month pretax
on 11GB shared on the 3 phones
(iPhone XR, Samsung A8, Sumsung A5).
And that includes almost $85 in phone
financing on the plans that just came up on
the 2 years and the 3rd one in the next
month is up. So this deal is not that Hot
right now. The bill would be almost $350
with new phones financed up.

Murali: That's because in your existing plan
you have only 11 GB in total for 3 phones.

But what we offered is 20 GB per line.
Murali: So it's total 60 GB here

You: Yes true but just like in our computers
getting bigger hard drives say 1TB for price
of 120GB 2 years ago. Data wireless
carriers offer is easier to let us use as it is
less costly to process these days.

Murali: All right.

Murali: I have offered you the best deal we
have for your requirement.

You: Is the 20GB plan right now the same
as the 10GB plan per phone. Seems like it
is on the promo with all you including
Rogers and Telus.

You: Or is there a savings?

You: to go to 10GB per line?

Murali: NO. It is the promo plan of 10 GB

Murali: Extra 10 GB is offered as bonus

You: Just to let you know. Rogers has the
20GB per line and then the tablets can be
added to the line and share the data. So 1
tablet on each of the first 2 lines. Is there a
way to not have this $105 third one
shareable with the 2 tablets and all based
on $75 each. So $75, $65, $65, $10, $10
for Main Line, 2nd Line w/ Credit, 3rd Line
w/Credit, Tablet, Tablet

Murali: I really wish to help you with what
you're asking for. But in order to share data
between tablets, we must need to select a
shareable plan for at least 1 line an that will
cost $105 for that line alone.

Murali: By the way, kindly provide account

number of your home service Bell account.
You: "Gave them the One Account number I guess"

Murali: No. Account number would be of 9

You: Home service meaning?

Murali: Your home phone and internet

You: Don't have home phone and internet.
Just Mobility and the Satellite TV

Murali: Okay. Account number of satellite

You: "Gave the Satelitte TV Account Number"

Murali: Thank you

Murali: Please give me a moment.

Murali: So the best I can do is offered
already for you. Please take a moment to
think about stepping into Canada's largest
network provider.

You: Does having an HST number &
business help in getting that price down?
The HST and business address is at the
same as these billing addresses.

Murali: I'm afraid not

I feel done with them now!

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