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My experience with Breezestreet.com

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Jan 23, 2011
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My experience with Breezestreet.com


I recently sold my condo in downtown Toronto. I had sold my previous condo in the same building privately a few years ago with relative ease, and I decided to do it again this time. But this time I also wanted to get it listed on the MLS. When trying to choose between the available options, I read a lot of reviews here on RFD. I finally went with a service called breezestreet, and i'm writing my experience here simply because there wasn't a lot of information about them here when I was looking myself, and back then I could have really used more information to make a better decision.

Breezestreet is a brokerage that provides mere MLS listing service. I can't remember how I initially found them, but their clean and straightforward website impressed me from the beginning. Their basic package of $250 seemed to do the job for me, since I already had good pictures of my unit and had a good idea about pricing, I just wanted to get it on MLS.

So I signed up, and a day later someone from the site contacted to schedule a time for a unit visit. They were courteous and friendly from the beginning. They arrived on-time, gave us all the forms, and explained the process thoroughly. After we gave them information on the unit and sent them our pictures, our listing was up on their site and on MLS within 2 days. You can change the information on their site yourself via a self-service dashboard, but for changes to the MLS listing you have to email them. I had to change the price once and again they submitted the change immediately.

Overall I was really happy with their service. It took a bit longer this time for us to sell our condo, but I think that was just due to the rough real estate market this summer. They also made a nice feature-sheet for our unit, based on the information we provided them.

The one area that I thought their service could improve on was making sure prospective buyers know how to contact the sellers. Currently, their MLS listings are actual MLS pages (as opposed to some other sites that are just links to an external page). Unfortunately they are not allowed to put the personal contact information of the sellers on those MLS pages. So as a workaround, they say 'for more information click on the realtor website link' on your MLS listing page. When the person clicks on the realtor website link, they are then taken to the property listing on the breezestreet website and can then see your contact information. The issue was that some people did not fully read the description, and probably never clicked on the 'realtor website' link on MLS.

Still, they have tried to implement a solution for that as well. When someone calls the realtor number that they list on the MLS page, they have a system of sending you a text with the information of the person/realtor who called them asking about your property. So at least you can track down the person yourself and contact them.

Overall, I would definitely recommend breezestreet to any one who is considering selling privately. They deliver exactly what they promise in the packages, and their customer service is top notch. Super friendly an efficient staff.