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Locked: My Not-so-Canadian Shopping Experience at CanadianTire

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Oct 10, 2006
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My Not-so-Canadian Shopping Experience at CanadianTire

Long story. Report has been submitted to the head office. Feel free to read and check out the photos. I won't be replying to feedback over the weekend though. Feel free to discuss regardless.

Photos of the receipt (external link): ... %20Screwup

Report as submitted:

I am writing to you with regards to a recent shopping experience at two of your Durham stores.

On Saturday February 19, 2011, I went to the Ajax store to shop for a Dorel Wooden Futon that was on sale. There was one box on the floor that was ripped, plastic straps were loose. I asked the staff if there was another one available. Staff scanned the ripped box and replied this was the last one. She suggested that she would check in the back to see if there was another one. She came back and replied this ripped box was really the last.

Meanwhile, a family also came to the spot while I was deciding and they asked about the futon. They spoke to the manager and it was over PA that they needed assistance down this aisle. A few minutes later, the family disappeared from the spot. The staff walked by, and I asked her if I could get a raincheck on this futon since this last ripped futon had been purchased. The staff replied there was actually a new one in the back they just took, so still leaving this same ripped box for me and she would not issue a raincheck until this one was sold. She was the same person who checked in the back and said there was none other available for me. She checked the system, it turned out Pickering got nine. I wasn't angry with her and decided to try my luck in Pickering.

It took me 10 minutes drive from the Ajax location. There were indeed more boxes on the floor this time. I spoke to one of the staff named Vince and told him I would buy it now and pick it up on Sunday. He said he would put my receipt on the box so that no one would take it. I went to the cashier, the cashier charged my visa, by mistake she printed the receipt on the pick-up notice. She called the manager-on-duty, Marie, to oversee the issue. Marie said there were two options: either she voided the purchase and charged me again, which would hurt my credit line because it would take 3 days to clear the previous purchase, OR use the same notice tomorrow to pick it up. I asked her if it was a legitimate receipt, she wrote on it and signed. Before I left the store, I reminded Vince to put the yellow receipt on the box so that it would not be sold to someone else. Vince said he was going to do it.

On Sunday February 20, I returned with a friend who would help me to load the futon. We spent the next 45 minutes in the store waiting, seeing other buyers happily depart with the futons they either previously put on hold or even purchased off the floor. It ended up my futon disappeared along with the yellow receipt. My friend had his GMC truck ready for almost an hour, and we were both standing at the exit waiting for nothing. The manager Marie decided to go on a break, and the manager-on-duty Maria had no idea who I was and brushed the issue off bluntly. Finally, a staff was so kind and gave us a futon that was already put on hold for someone else. By the end of this turmoil, my yellow receipt that had my information on it and the futon I paid for were nowhere to be found, and I still ended up without a legitimate receipt for warranty.

Let us summarize these problems:
1. At the Ajax location, I was told that the floor unit that was in an unsavory condition was the last one while another family came after me took a brand new one from the back
2. At the Pickering location, my receipt was voided because of a mistake your cashier made and I was never given a legitimate white receipt for that mistake
3. Also at the Pickering location, my friend and I spent 45 minutes waiting for the pick-up but it was discovered that both my futon and yellow receipt had been lost

Now as bizarre as this story goes, I want to remind you that, as a minority of the Asian race, I have a feeling that all these problems were either handled incorrectly, neglected, or originated from a corporate attitude that encourages racial prejudice. I speak perfect English and my friend is Caucasian so there was no language-related issues. The cashier who screwed up my receipt never offered an apology, neither did the manager herself who indeed offered me options like it was my fault. Also, why my purchase would be lost and other buyers who put on hold ended up leaving with their futons was way too bizarre to understand. I understand that this sale item is popular, but it cannot hide the facts that I was screwed around from location to location, wasted my time and my friend's time on what would be an otherwise easy and enjoyable purchase for your intended buyers.

Canadian Tire has spent thousands of dollars on advertising and building up the good corporate image for Asian Canadians. This case told me the opposite. As a senior member of an online shopping community, it is within my rights and responsibility to alert other members of Canadian Tire's poor judgment and handling of the issues, alleged prejudicing attitude toward the Asian group, and I will post this letter online along with my so-called receipt so that the entire shopping community will be the judge.

============================= End of Report ================================
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Feb 24, 2011
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On what basis are you accusing them of racism rather than just unfortunate ineptitude? From your rundown of the events, I don't see any suggestion of prejudice.
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Dec 24, 2008
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Bad customer service in no way indicates you were a victim of racism, and there is clearly nothing in your experience indicating this. While I can appreciate your frustration on it's merits, it angers me to no end when minorities drag out the race card for no reason. The fact this happened to you has NOTHING to do with the fact your background is Asian, and it is a detriment to those who actually HAVE faced discrimination for you to assume this is the case from EVERY person who handled this situation along the way. It is laughable - if I receive poor customer service in Canadian Tire, is it because I am white? I was with you until your last paragraphs and would never support you on this.
Mar 7, 2010
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Very well written.

I'm sorry t hat this happened to you. I dont usually buy things from Canadian Tire (beyond small useless gadgets)

I do have to say that I was impressed with how your complaint was written until the very end. I dont think you should have played the race card (unless something specif was said to you in either store about your race) It almost read that you were accusing Canadian Tire of doing this to you becasue you were Asian (unless i missunderstood which I may have) which I dont think you had grounds to do at least as far as your account goes.

I hope Canadian Tire replies and something can be worked out.
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May 9, 2009
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So basically, you're saying that Canadian Tire screwed up because the entire corporation encourages employees to dislike Asians?
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Jan 28, 2009
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Whiny thread is whiny.
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Oct 10, 2006
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I was being alerted by a number of friends of dragging out this "race card", but when you're the only person singled out while everyone else got an easy purchase, there were just too many coincidences in this case.

I was there for almost one hour and was the only one who paid up front and almost left the store with nothing (no futon, NO LEGITIMATE RECEIPT). I felt sorry for my friend who ended up standing there with his truck idling and my anger might have overwhelmed me. I could be wrong, hopefully I was, but this situation was bad enough to make me feel very upset regardless of reasons.
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Dec 20, 2010
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I was willing to feel bad for you until you pulled the race card.

Next time, pull it right at the beginning so I don't waste my time reading your awful whiny thread.
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Jan 8, 2008
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Wow, there is absolutely no reason for you to think that this was done to you based on your race. Guess what, I am caucasion and I've had similar experiences happen to me, at Canadian Tire and other stores in the past, so what the hell does it have to do with race?

While you have a valid complaint, it absolutely disgusts me to no end that you played the race card. I've had plenty of poor customer service experiences at Candian Tire in the past, is it because I'm white? They are known for their sub-par service, regardless of the race of the customer.

Nice try though, but seriously, there was no need for the Canaidan Tire is anti-Asian comments...
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Apr 21, 2009
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Hmm, first of all I agree with the common notion that the first 2/3rds of the complaint are done very well.
However the last 3rd of the complaint is disgraceful!

You're slandering, playing the "poor minority" card and worst of all you took somebody elses layback!
What if the person now waiting for his missing Futon is caucasian,black, aboriginal, east indian, asian? should this person asume now that they (CT) disregarded the layback because of the appearance?

Another question: since when are persons of asian descent a minority in canada?
Some observations:
CT is notorious for disregarding customer service and policies regardless who you are. They treat everybody equally poor, NO discrimiation there.
YOU got your Futon at the cost of somebody else not being able to pickup his/hers. In the end you rewarded CT with your business and punished another customer for his purchase there.
--- <3

:cry: Personally, I am just scared of Idiocracy turning from a funny movie into a prophecy. :confused:
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Oct 10, 2006
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Well from what I've gathered so far is that my "race card" was pulled wrongly. Since when has a race card been pulled correctly?

I wasn't aware of CT's typical bad CS until this last purchase. They weren't the nicest people around but they were generally helpful to me (at other locations). Now if I hadn't mentioned who I was in the last paragraph, you would be thinking it's just another bad CS case. My sole intention was to bring up this issue of CT's "allged" prejudice system with other RFDers who might have similar experience. I did put in writing "alleged".

"YOU got your Futon at the cost of somebody else not being able to pickup his/hers. In the end you rewarded CT with your business and punished another customer for his purchase there."

This is worth replying to. It was not mine but the staff's decision to do so after all the managers disregarded my request. I put in writing "she was kind enough..." and she was being helpful to me, I hope she'll be rewarded. I had no intention of "punishing" another customer. There were available units on the floor to purchase, the staff could easily swap a purchased order to a walk-in order, but they just lack the common sense to do so.
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Feb 9, 2007
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I am a white guy and I have had crappy service before there too!
If they are racist against everybody, does that still make them racist?
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Jul 1, 2004
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race card = lame
"What an emotionally wrecking of the stomach game"
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Aug 2, 2001
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It's my opinion that it's pretty ignorant of you to assume you received poor service because of your race, and in fact, you're most likely a racist yourself if you can construct this sort of explanation in your head and actually believe it.
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Jun 19, 2001
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lost all credibility with the race nonsense at the end. But being you got what you wanted I have no idea what you are complaining about. If everyone posted a complaint thread every time something was a little slower then they wanted the board would be full of complaints no one else cares about


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