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Locked: My Not-so-Canadian Shopping Experience at CanadianTire

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Jul 5, 2004
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Well, you've accomplished absolutely nothing with your complaint. Canadian Tire may have very well paid some attention to it if you hadn't thrown in that BS at the end. You didn't just state that you experienced racism at a couple Canadian Tire stores, you accused all the Canadian Tire execs of encouraging every Canadian Tire store to be racist towards Asians. As soon as they see that little blurb, your complaint is going to go right in the garbage. You might have actually accomplished something if you had left that part out.

You've also done a huge disservice towards every other visible minority in the country, especially those who have experienced true racism.
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Jul 5, 2010
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I felt bad for you until you played the race card.

Nobody cares that you're Asian. Nobody. It is irrelevant.
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Dec 7, 2009
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ehhh..... I'm asian and I worked at Home depot, Walmart, Superstore,, on and on, and I can see how this could have happened. An individual employee could just be an ******* and be mean to you and that could have been what happened. But the whole company??
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Dec 20, 2010
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I honestly hope OP follows up his complaint by forwarding this thread link to CT corporate, just so they can see for themselves that the OP's stupidity is not a reflection of Canada as a whole.
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May 11, 2008
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JJpach wrote: Well my friends didn't think the same as I did. They just thought it was a bad experience that's all. I on the other hand thought it could have been handled a lot better. Imagine how weird it was when you paid something up front, no valid receipt and no item to pick up. I wasn't paid attention to either, during my 45 minutes we were just talking inside the store when all staff looked busy doing something.

To all: Some of the one-liners here have tagged and hit-and-run on this thread with your typical crap. Fine by me. I appreciate those who provided insights. This report was sent to CT about how a customer might feel wrong of his purchase and how he felt he was being treated. I had to bring up the race issue if it were indeed an actual problem these locations have been having. You don't work at these locations, neither were you there in my shoes, if there was indeed an issue with these stores and no one ever mentions it, it will just keep going without being noticed. Someone has to speak up. If you don't like the way it was being spoken out, leave it.

"IFit were indeed an actual problem ..."
So even you don't know. You're just guessing that's why you received poor customer service? Maybe you should also accuse them of being on drugs while working. I mean, if there was indeed an issue with these stores and no one ever mentions it, it will just keep going without being noticed.


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