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Locked: Full Grain leather belts (Made in Canada) 30% off less another 20%

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  • Jan 17th, 2022 2:15 am
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Feb 26, 2005
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yorkhvac wrote: Even though I told them to cancel order they ship me …. So now it’s better be good or I will file CC dispute and not paying return shipping if it’s poor quality.
Same with me. I requested cancelation. They responded and asked that I watch their video addressing the concerns, and let them know if I still wish to cancel. 24hrs later before I had a chance to respond, my order is shipped :( Quite presumptuous and felt they should have cancelled based on my original request.
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Mar 9, 2010
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hassy wrote: well, the deal (or at least I thought was the deal) is assuming if the workmanship is as advertised, the full grain leather belt, made in Canada, lifetime warranty appeared to be in excess of $80+. The ETSY price (again, according to NAB) for Harvey Dent was an error, which was put back to "regular price". This got rightfully called out, and NAB did the right thing and honored the price for RFD for 2 weeks if I recall the post correctly.
Hope that summarized my understanding of the deal for you .

I really regret posting a deal now. never again.
Please don't hesitate posting deals in the future. I think this is the type of deal where while there's more risk involved (relatively new, not well-known vendor), it's also a chance to be a really great deal. In my case, I decided to take a chance since I just happened to be looking for a better quality belt than what you would typically get at the Bay/Winners, but without breaking the bank (Popov prices are a little steep for me). And the Made in Canada bit is a bonus that I hope to see more often on RFD.

Maybe this will end up being a deal that we'll all remember fondly of in the future like Popov. Or maybe it'll end up as a bust. But that's all part of the excitement of hunting for a great deal and we'd miss out on a lot if people only ever posted safe deals. Irregardless of the result, I still appreciate that you posted this.
Dec 20, 2017
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DeNovo2011 wrote: So as with any business in existence. You get a bad product, return it, leave feedback and move on. This whole thread just reeks of self entitlement and "I'm the customer, I'm always right to the point I can ruin a person". But yeah nothing out of the ordinary.

If the belts I ordered are good, I'll use them because that's what a normal person does. Not any of this drama that's going on in this thread.

Good luck to you. I'm done commenting on this stupidity. I ordered belts, I didn't waste days of my life trying to ruin a business.
I can almost guarantee you they will be good....I mean if I was NAB and seeing all the BS on this thread. I'd make sure any orders within this time period are dotted and crossed...but you're probably going to bash people like @SonyCanWoes rather than thank him for his contributions in making "noise". Nobody is perfect and I could imagine the damage was done and the negative environment its created...but if I were NAB, I'd step up and make this a great experience and keep this attitude going forward. His business will only grow from these...but of course you're going to say we're kicking him while he's down. Glass is half full or half empty, depends how you want to look at this.
Dec 20, 2017
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alpovs wrote: I clicked on all competitor links in this thread and they all were notably more expensive except for nylon belts.
Depends which belt you were looking at. I bought the pinnacle belt for $80 something when it was "on sale"

Clo's is similar...also I found more about Etsy from this thread...I'll start buying from here too.

https://www.etsy.com/ca/search?q=canadi ... her%20belt

edit: one more for you

Hope you will have a belt for every day of the week now.
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Dec 27, 2007
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A customer complained, the business replied, take it for what it's worth, do your own research, and proceed accordingly. Once people start receiving their orders and are willing to provide actual feedback please message a mod for getting this thread unlocked.
NABLeather wrote:
Edit: please provide feedback @ nab-leather-belt-received-please-post-y ... e-2520144/