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[Walmart] NBA 2k19 and Fifa 19 for Nintendo Switch Xbox PS4 $29.96 each (In Store)

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  • Jan 29th, 2019 11:15 am
Jul 10, 2017
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Vancouver, BC
IMO this is the worst game for Switch.

2 reasons:
0 online availability for this game on Switch, you can wait 20 minutes and you're lucky to get 1 match.
The mechanics were not ported properly for 30fps and shooting is not accurate, try using the shot meter lol.

I returned to Amazon for refund. Hopefully 2k20 will be more optimized because portable NBA2K is a great idea.
Feb 11, 2016
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Lamjohn wrote:
Jan 22nd, 2019 5:58 pm
Just went in store and price still shows 79.99 ask the lady that was there to scan and she says 79.99. Does Walmart online and in store have different prices?

I also went to a local walmart and the manager would not override the price to reflect the online price. I asked the associate what the difference was compared to price matching with another retailer and he agreed that it was stupid that the manager would not honor it. I then proceeded to call Walmart Customer service and they told me it is really at the discretion of the manager and stores are not required to match online prices, however online purchases can match in store prices. Bestbuy will only pricematch ‘in stock’ items