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Need Advice - AC unit Return was completely Closed during Renovation

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  • Aug 8th, 2021 1:07 pm
Aug 6, 2021
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Need Advice - AC unit Return was completely Closed during Renovation

Recently bought a house in Feb 2021 in NJ, US and from May 2021 we have been facing issues with AC unit not cooling properly. We contacted a AC technician and finally the issue was due to missing of Return vent for AC unit.
While renovation, the seller has completely closed the Return vent and we were not notified during the deal close.
Before closing, we had the inspection guy to check all the things but he didn't not identify the missing of return vent in the house. Now we are not sure what needs to be done. All the technician says it's a complete fault from Seller side in closing the return vent and to fix the return with Duct work and AC unit completely since the unit was also not in gud condition and it is leaking the cost estimates is more. We tried to reach out to seller but no luck they responded saying the AC unit was working fine before closure. One thing I didn't understand how does the unit was working without the Return vent. We are helpless. Can you pls advice on how to take this further.
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Wow, just wow. Have you conducted a Google search. I doubt that there are more than a couple of persons on this "Canadian" site that may be able to answer your question. I Googled for the answer with the following search terms and my answer was the first one that was disclosed, try it you might be surprised.

"new jersey disclosure laws on a house sale"

P.S. - you have to try it to get my answer.
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Your post is confusing. You say the closed air duct was closed and you also say it was missing. Which is it?