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Need advice on a ductless mini-split heating unit in my house

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  • Jun 2nd, 2020 1:22 pm
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Need advice on a ductless mini-split heating unit in my house

I need some advice on a ductless mini-split heating unit in my house, with one head only installed in my house. Circumstances are where I live we do not have natural gas, or oil to heat with, only electricity. I have a 9 year old heat pump here, but as the house is 2,000 sq. ft. I only use half of it in the winter time. So the cost of using the heat pump, for the whole house is inefficient for my wallet.

I want to install the inside head, over the kitchen window, as this will cover my living areas, kitchen, living room, and one bedroom. This should dramatically drop my heating cost down.

The problem is I only have 12” of space between the top of the ceiling here, and moulding on the window (photo enclosed). I have had a contractor in here, and they quoted me a Mitsubishi MUZ-GL18NAH-U1 21,600 BTU Heating/22,400 BTU Cooling Heat Pump. But due to height restrictions, could only install it in a different place in the kitchen. Unfortunately this will not work out for me, as it will not put the heat where I want.

Another thing here, I need zero use of the A/C as it is that close to the ocean, it is cool in the summer here.
Looks like I will do self-install here, with outside contractor for the electrical. Previously the Heat Pump use to be on this side of the house, so outside pad, is here, with electrical.

So my questions are

With only 12” of head room here, is there any models that you recommend?

It would not bother me, having to go to the USA to pick up, as I have to go their once the border opens up, and Home Depot has a wide selection.
https://www.homedepot.com/b/800-1200/N- ... me=default

Secondly are you aware of any ductless mini-split heating unit, which only does heat, as I will not use the A/C part?

Now if this 12” of head room, is a no go. I have to update the kitchen cabinets, so at that time, I can make enough room for it, by adding support here, so suggest what you think is best.

Thanks for your help beforehand.
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