Need help..

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Aug 1, 2017
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Need help..

hello guys,
I need some advice from you guys.

Let's say i could manage to enter university within Ontario WITHOUT disclosing my post-secondary education (also in Ontario & which was big failure..) and apply for osap, can anyone of you guys tell me what is going to happen?
Osap obviously already know my previous university, and according to my research, if i change my university, in order to get financial help, i need to submit transcripts from previous university and the new university.

If I write a letter saying that I just transferred to different school something like that, would it work? or am i putting myself in huge trouble by doing this?
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Jun 8, 2008
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Yes, its called fraud.

"Your responsibilities... Ensure that your application information and all supporting documentation is truthful, complete and correct. We and the universities reserve the right to verify any information provided as part of this application. If you withhold information or submit any information that is determined to be false, misleading, or written by a third party, we and/or the universities may, at our absolute discretion, invalidate the application, resulting in its immediate rejection or in the revocation of an offer of admission or registration at a university. Any such information may be shared by the OUAC, or by Ontario universities and colleges, with other universities and colleges across Canada."

You could get in, get OSAP then if found out, at any time, the university could revoke your acceptance or registration. You'd still get to pay for it though.

Why didn't you disclose your previous record? Many students do more than one program, or apply again after the first program didn't work out. Write a letter and explain. Its not too difficult.