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Need help configuring VoIP router with VoIPstunt/SIPdiscount

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  • Feb 4th, 2006 6:53 pm
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Mar 16, 2005
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Need help configuring VoIP router with VoIPstunt/SIPdiscount

Hi all,

Anyone know how to setup those near-free VoIP service like VoIPbuster or SIPdiscount with a DLink DVG-1402 VoIP router?

Here's some problems I ran into:

The 1402's dialog box for STUN server is 4-box IP so I can't enter
I did a cmd/ping and found the IP, but I'm not sure that's working.

Also, SIPdiscount doesn't tell you which ports to us for any of the entries:
- Domain (5060)
- Outbound Proxy (5060)
- STUN server (3478)

I basically used what was there before (with the SIPphone setup).

Of course if you know of any service (VoIP to PSTN) that works with this DLink box please let me know those settings.

Thanx in advance
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Mar 16, 2005
1642 posts
Edmonton, AB
Well after some googling and LOTS of trial and error, I finally got it to work.
This thing has more combinations then a Da Vinci cryptex!
If all goes well, you'll hear a very short ring on the phone when you save changes and restart the router.
Here are the settings:

Browse to: for router's admin page
Open Advanced tabs (default login and password: admin)

SIP Configuration tab

Server FQDN: Enabled
IP address:
Domain Name:
Port: 5060
Service Domain: __
User Parameter Phone: Enabled
Caller ID Delivery: Yes
Display CID: Enabled
Timer T2: 4sec

Initial Unregister: Enabled
Register Expiration: 3600 sec
Session Expires: 1800 sec
Min-SE: 1800 sec
Session Expires Refresher: uac

Outbound Proxy: enabled
Outbound Proxy IP:
Outbound Proxy Port: 5060

G.711a-law 1st 20ms
G.711u-law 2nd 20ms
G.723.1 4th 30ms
G.729a 3rd 10ms
G.726 5th 20ms

STUN Configuration
STUN State: Disabled
- note: I didn't need STUN to traverse my router's NAT as I'm connecting this voip router directly to the net.
No risk here as I'm only connecting a phone to it.
(Most ISP give you a free second IP, all you need is a Hub or Switch to 'split' the network)

- If you need to enter a STUN server on the 1402S, you'll need the IP address of as the data field on this router uses the 4-octet IP number format :rolleyes: (same deal for its Outbound Proxy address).

Here's what I would use, if I can figure out how to enable it:
STUN Server IP Address: (ping
STUN Server Port: 3478
STUN ReqInterval: 60 sec

User Agent
Same Phone Number: Enabled
Index: 1
Phone Number: (your login)
Display Name: (your login)
User Agent Port: 5060
Authentication Username: (your login)
Authentication Password: *******
Confirm Password: ******

Plug'N Dial Provision
Plug'N Dial Server Address
Software Update Mode: TFTP
Server FQDN: disabled
Server Address:
Domain Name: __
Server port: 69

Update Configuration
Plug'N Dial: disabled
Plug'N Dial: __
Last Update Status __


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