Need help dealing with insurance total loose

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Oct 9, 2019
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Need help dealing with insurance total loose

I been in car accident rare ended not my fault I will be buying a car back from insurance I have felling they are low balling me price they give me for GMC Acadia 2013 200 thousand km is this as they state If you keep the vehicle: ACV $13,500 less salvage $5983 = total $7517 I think 7517 is low Damge estimate was $9k car is mechanically fine and bumper and lift gate bit damaged I did my research and I found in my area I am getting those prices for my car with damage over $2000 auto trader say low $15.130 high $17.706 also looking at GMC Acadias 2014 with lower trim then my higher Km come to $12k not including taxes and licensing I did vrm Canada and I am getting wholesale 1150 whole sale 14150. Am I getting screwed here? and if yes how can I word this how can I ask for more money if in buying the car back basically I wore track saying I think fair price is 10 and the car insurance keeps 5 k
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Nov 16, 2011
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prices are dependant on area where you live and since you are not supplying that info, the help you get will be very generalized.

I think pricing is pretty well on tap for a private sale ( in Ontario ) of a 2013 Acadia with 200,000 km considering that nobody knows the other condition of the vehicle prior to the accident.