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NEED HELP - Suggestions needed on my CASE with ROGERS

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Take the $150
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NEED HELP - Suggestions needed on my CASE with ROGERS

Hey everyone!

The situation is that in June/July 2011 we signed a 3 year wireless contract with Rogers. The phone that was given to us under that agreement was the Sony Xperia Arc.
Fast-forwarding to 2 years later in July/Aug 2013, I was in class at my university and mysteriously the phone dropped the Network to - No Service Emergency Call Only.-
I tried rebooting/restarting the phone, but it did not solve the problem and I started getting this error message every time I reboot my phone “Phone not allowed MM6". The phone would not connect to a network.

Without a working phone and panicking, the next logical step I did was to go to a local Rogers Store to get this problem resolved. The store associate swapped my SIM card and tried troubleshooting the problem, but couldn’t resolve the problem. They told me to call the Call Center because there's nothing they can do except sell me a brand new phone at full cost or upgrade for a new phone (re-sign a new contract at an expensive monthly plan).

I decided to call the Rogers Call Center. After explaining the situation over and over again to different Rogers’ representatives and different "Technical Experts", all of them have given me similar answers: "Your phone is broken, so you would need to purchase a new phone", "Upgrade to a new phone.", "Your phone is out of warranty, Sorry.", "Try rebooting your phone". They also asked for the IMEI number and was deemed that it was working.

Desperately trying to find a solution because I needed a phone for school, I asked if Rogers can provide me with a replacement phone to use at the meantime as the issue can diagnosed further. Since I was still under Roger's 3 year Contract, I will still be paying monthly fee for the service until the end of my contract. The answers I’ve got from representatives were: “No, we cannot give you a phone.” “You will have to purchase a new phone or upgrade your current plan and re-sign another 3 years.”
I asked if I can end my service because without a phone, having an on-going would be meaningless. They told me I am entitled to leaving but I will be hit with a hefty “$100 early cancellation fee, remaining cost on the device as well as the current billing cycle.”

Being furious and angered at this point, I gave up and I went out of my way to purchase a used Samsung S3 on KIJIJI for $280.
The Sony Xperia Arc was left in my drawer for some time until September 2014, when a close relative of mine was looking a working phone.
So I decided to check to see if the Xperia Arc is working now and if the problem has been resolved by itself.

Nope, still received the same error as usual with the “Phone not allowed MM6” error message. Curiously enough, I decided to search online to see if other people around the world has encountered the same problem that I have and decided to research more about this error message. According to many users online, the error message is given to phones are blacklisted because of phone being categorized at being lost or stolen. This shouldn’t have been the case for us because none of us called in to Rogers to indicate that the phone was lost or stolen since I was using the phone the entire time.

I have called the Call Center numerous times and have experienced extensive amount of time waiting on the phone. I have also talked to numerous division of Roger’s Call center, being transferred from one place to another. Retention, Billing, Technical, Business, Management, Technical management, been everywhere.
Most of the representatives asked and checked my IMEI and indeed that my phone was blacklisted thus unable to connect to any network. I vented out my anger and demanded a solution because I was basically forced to purchase a phone to use the service and not ONCE did Rogers offer a replacement phone for the inconvenience. They tried to remove the blacklist was unable to because apparently the blacklist was not put by Rogers. The case was escalated to get a 3rd-party company to remove the blacklist.

A ticket was open by the technical manager to have my phone un-blacklisted. I was given a call back from the same person and the blacklist was lifted but they did not give me a reason why the phone was blacklisted in the first place. At this point, the Sony Xperia Arc is now working.
One of the technical manager provided me $125 credit as goodwill for my situation and inconvenience. We talked about different options and solution from this case and he transferred me to management because his role does not involve this task. After waiting for 45min on the line, I was now talking to the Management of the Rogers Call Center. I started off the conversation to talk about the opportunity to upgrade the phone that I have. She provided me with an offer to credit my account of $150 to conclude the case. I either had an option to sign into a new plan (a whopping $80/month w/ 500mb of data) or purchase the phone outright and credit $150. She has given me the choice to accept the $150 or escalate the case to the President’s Office, which I would be given a call from the office about the situation in 72 hours. I had a gut feeling that she wanted me to accept the $150 credit and close the case.
So some key highlights:

- Phone lost ability to connect to the network by itself
- Never reported lost or stolen to Rogers
- Didn’t break or try to Root/UnRoot the device
- Phone was not second-hand, was given originally from Rogers for the 3yr Contract
- Given $125 credit, and an additional $150 to close case or choose to escalate to President’s Office.

So I was wondering everyone’s intake on this situation and what should I do next? Accept the $150 or escalate?
Thank you for reading my super long post!
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If you got the phone on contract from Rogers, they screwed you with the blacklisting as well as the explanation as to why it was blacklisted. You had to spend a lot of time on the phone dealing, had to spend time getting a new phone, had to purchase a new phone, etc. They had you subsidize a phone that they broke, and therefore violated their end of the contract. Rogers has zero issues grinding you for every penny they can get out of you and penalizing you to the fullest if you do not fulfill the contract, but when it comes to resolving their errors they will do everything they can to spend the least amount of money. Their service is terrible.

I would escalate and demand better compensation, and then I would leave Rogers.
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I would take the credit, because I doubt you'll get any more compensation. At best they will allow you to cancel the contract but are you willing to deal with this for an extended period of time ? 275$ in credits is pretty substantial, I'd say it's worth what you went through. Rogers customer service has gone down hill, I can't wait to move my services as soon as my contracts are up.


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