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Need opinion on new bedding.

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  • Jun 20th, 2020 11:25 pm
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Dec 4, 2010
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Need opinion on new bedding.

Been sleeping on Ikea beds for the last 2 decades give or take a couple of years. They use the slatted system to hold the mattress up and it occurred to me that I haven't slept on a solid foundation for as long as I can remember and could be contributing my poor sleeping which I've had for years now. Want to try putting the mattress on the floor to see if it helps me sleep better; perhaps there are health benefits others can vouch for for sleeping lower to the ground?

Came across this on Reddit and it looks interesting.

These are called Floyd beds (new to me) and the price scared me a bit. I think this particular model is $800.
https://floydhome.com/products/the-floy ... full-queen

I just picked up a Linnmon table top for $50 at Ikea and it looks like it could be a cheap alternative. After seeing that video above I have to say charging $800-1000 for what you get is obscene.

Any opinions from those with wisdom on the subject?
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Nov 9, 2011
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Linnmon table top is literally made with carboard - it is not your "alternative" solution.
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Jun 12, 2008
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Take the slats out of your ikea bed and replace it with a sheet of 3/4 or 1inch thick ply wood. Solid surface.