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Need plumber advice. Plumbing vent question.

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Dec 16, 2010
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Need plumber advice. Plumbing vent question.

Im in the process of building a brand new bathroom in my house (bungalow), and wanted to run this "diagram" by the plumbers on this forum. This room will be brand new (formerly part of a bedroom), so there is no existing plumbing. I took the image off the internet, and modified it to reflect my situation.

My main problem is that I will not be able to run a dedicated vent for the wall-hung toilet. Will the 2 shared vents for the sink/shower be sufficient?
I would prefer to keep the diameter of these 2 vent pipes going into the attic/roof to a minimum. The wall in question is not load bearing, but it is only 2"x4" framing and it will be fully tiled, with wall hung toilet and a heavy vanity hanging on it, so I don't want to compromise it by cutting huge holes in it for the vents. Will 1.5" diameter for each pipe be sufficient? Can I get by with less?

Above the sink will be a recessed cabinet, and above the toilet will be the in-wall tank, so I obviously cant run a vent pipe straight up at those locations.

Any other problems you guys see with this setup? Any help or recommendations greatly appreciated!